Doggie Don’t


No you won't. You won't do jack shit. Pussy.
Dog-owners who leave bags of dog shit in random places (besides a trash bin) are assholes. People who threaten to shoot dogs for the transgressions of their owners are even BIGGER assholes. Fuck you, IA.
What #1 said. While an asshat move on the part of the owner, you will neither shove a bag of shit down anyones throat, nor come out guns blazing. I'd be surprised of you did more than peek through your curtain, thinking about how to word your next IA.
What's the deal with all these angry people and their excessive threats they won't back up?

"The next time you _____, I'm going to rip some throats, like MacGruber."

Riiiight. Why don't you act like MacGruber, stick some celery down your ass crack, and hop around distracting bad guys?

I too am mystified by people who are considerate enough to pick up their dog's shit, but inconsiderate enough to leave it in front of someone's home.

We are dealing with a specific narrow band of the consideration spectrum here.
It's like they only half-understood the purpose of bagging one's dog's shit in the first place: "Oh! Dog shit + bag = Green Environment!"
7! And boom goes the dynamite