Dear Portland...


The fact that there are some asshole policemen (which can be found EVERYWHERE) means that every citizen of Portland is a "pretentious, tree-hugging, up-tight idiot"? This makes no fucking sense.

And if you truly would like to see a real fucked up Judicial system, try some of the southern states like Arkansas. Not to mention tons of other countries.
So, IA, had a little trouble with the law have ya? I've been around these parts for 25 years, and you seem to know the inner workings of our law enforcement/ judicial system better than the average Joe.
This is a valid point. Oregon has some of the lowest crime per capita, and more people in prison per capita than any other state. Fines are insanely out of proportion too. The problem is when you have a large group of overly self rightous moral authorities in one place... if there isn't enough crime, they will start making more things a crime. It's all just another paradox of the live and let live image the city claims to project.
I,A, two things:

a) your "travels in the world".. ahh yes, I remember my post-highschool trip to Europe too. Unfortunately this doesn't quite make you the worldly nomad you may think you are.

b) before calling people retarded, you might want to look up the plural form of bully. Hint: it's not "bullys", as you put it.
Cops around here are bummers, they were all pretentious and uptight with me and I was just trying to hug a tree. Seriously though, stay away from me Portland police, please.
how long did you get for this most recent conviction? Are you writing from prison?
You kept changing the subject every other sentence. Why the fuck would any of us care about what you think?
Uhm, you do know that Washington County Sheriffs, and the Gresham Police have NO jurisdiction in the city of Portland, right?

And yeah, valid point regarding cops. But what in the fuck does that have to do with "pretentious, tree-hugging, up-tight idiots"???

And all the stuff you're bitching and pissing about - totally not unique to Portland! Next time, lay off the hooch before submitting an IA!
@3 You think Oregon has the highest number of people in prison per capita of any state? According to Department of Justice figures, we're #30 out of 50 states.…
Sorry to spoil yet more tiresome ranting about how Portland is such a shitty place that doesn't live up to its image.
So in your travels around the world, you observed this nowhere else? Where did you go, Canada and the Antartica? @ geyser, you are forgetting how many people migrate here and get locked up. Which they bloody well deserve. I wish just once people flocking to this state would go somewhere other than Portland
I'm not forgetting anything. Can we talk about actual facts here? The link shows total prison populations per capita, so people who moved here vs. natives has nothing to do with that.

I should add that by international standards, even Oregon's incarceration rate is ridiculously high, but that has to do with national policy issues and mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, not whatever IA seems to be saying.
OR does have an extremely high incarceration rate. Well i guess every state does. In our case, you can thank mandatory minimums and Measure 11.

Plus, fines have sky-rocketed both here and in the rest of the country (particularly in Southern and more conservative states) in recent years that are little more that poverty taxes.
Poverty taxes? How fucking hard is it not to do stupid shit that gets one arrested? It's a stupidity tax.
Clearly, you're a brain-washed dolt who believes everything as it is presented on TV.

The rich receive almost no jail time for stealing millions. The poor often get years for petty theft. Add to that, court costs, fines, debts, etc. People are increasingly being made to pay for their own jail housing. Jailing parents for the truancy of their kids is becoming more common. People are increasingly being thrown in jail for being unable to pay debts. Homeless people are increasingly being jailed over petty ordinance violations such as camping, public drinking, sleeping on a sidewalk, being in a public park at night, and making tourists feel uncomfortable. Immigrants routinely jailed for committing NO crimes - yet no employer (including the mega aggro-farms of Eastern OR) is ever shut down for illegal hiring.

Oh, not to mention many perfectly innocent people are arrested and often jailed due to rotten cops. And many poor people sit in jail for moths on charges that often get reduced or dropped completely, eventually, b/c they can't afford bail.

Still think life is soo simple?

"stupidity tax". Lay off the Fox news, why don't you?
I know it was a typo, but "aggro-farms" sound like something from a Philip K. Dick novel.
Not only sound, it sounds. Like. Something.
From. A. Philip. K. Dick. Novel.
@geyser, the second part of my post was in jest, but you have a point. Keep in mind we have measure 11, and a lot of drug trafficking in the NW. Although I still rather lock up all the transplants from NY,lol
Am lucky i havez archived poetic license in my high school diploma. Or whatever.
Ooh gloworm. He sure showed you!