Maybe it was the descent bone in her body, she just can't stop moving, y'know?
Today I saw one of those passenger type 3 wheelers, with a couple girls in the back, nice and shaded, and the driver of it (I forget the name - it had a bird painted or stenciled on it, so I assumed it was a nod to 'Portlandia' - but no, it was actually part of the company name)
Anyway - this dumbass dude is riding backwards on it so he can easily chat up the girls in back.
Oh dude, you are so cool you wanna show the girls yer package or what?
I've seen 2 hit and run accidents involving just cars in this area - SE 11th and Lincoln -you looking to get into one too?
Idiot! Transporting others, no less. I couldn't believe that shit.
The worst ones are the hoppity ball messengers. They never stay in the designated hoppity lanes and they hop in and out of traffic.

It sounds like IA's granny is in the ICU after that wicked road rash on the elbow.
Mr.Editor, I dub thee "Asshole".
The editor or his girlfriend was probably the asshole ran who ran over the grandmother.

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