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how can you tell? -- well, we came up with this this thing in the early 90's called 'talking'.....and soon thereafter we invented 'listening' to go along with it -- i would suggest the latter in your case.

both are available at almost any store in town, especially in the NE.
Yeah, I have nothing to add to the above advice, so let's talk about how people might have a hard time addressing questions like yours in any serious fashion due to how poorly worded, spelled and punctuated it was. It's distracting.
speaking of distracting, the double 'this' in my above comment is distracting the fuck out of me.
Dress slutty and do anal, and he'll be yours for life.
I almost agree with D&W except anal stinks. Suck his dick for a good ten minutes and let him finish however he wants to. Then have the conversation.
@ 3,

If you find your double 'this' in your prior comment to be "distracting the fuck out of you", i have the perfect solution. It's this thing we invented called 'proof-reading'..... and soon thereafter we invented 'cognitive thinking' to go along with it -- i would suggest the latter as it would help reduce the workload when applying the former.

Both techniques were developed hundreds of years ago and refined over time as human communication evolved. Now-a-days, such skills are taught to school children often as young as 4 or 5 years. And the best part is, they both are absolutely FREE! You can apply them at any time as you so choose.

So go ahead, try 'proof-reading' and 'cognitive thinking' (e.i. 'visual comprehension') TODAY! You'll feel and look smarter.

Unless you stutter when you type. In which case, never mind.
I call troll on this one.
Make him date you for awhile (preferably a month or more, but at least the third date) before hopping in the sack.

Sounds like you are starting off with casual sexual access. Many guys will happily take advantage of that for as long as you let them.

Start out with dating. It's harder because you have to get them on the hook without using the obvious tools. Make yourself sexy enough so they're interested, but not slutty so that they feel like if they just wait you out, they'll get what they want.

Bottom line is that you are getting into casual sexual relationships hoping they will develop into relationships of broader respect and attraction. You need to reverse that and try to gauge if there is respect and deeper interest there, before the sexual relationship.
Shut up.
Okay, I just reread the post and now I don't know what I was talking about. Nowhere does A,I mention lots of casual sex. I must have been having one of my daydreams while skimming the text....

so, i called myself out for my own typo, then you ream me out for it anyway (which was pretty funny, actually -- i 'liked' it even).....

and you almost got away with it, man -- but it's 'i.e.', not 'e.i.'.....

sloppy bitch.

refer to your comment, #6, for tips on proofreading.....

(note to yourself: especially proofread any comments you make about others not proofreading theirs.)
You can tell if he likes you when he keeps wanting to hang out with you. Men are pretty simple. You can tell he really likes you when he invites you to events at his friends houses and families houses.
Haw haw! Whatta dumbfuck Clifford!
Actually human in training, it's interchangeable, which means it can go either way. So i'm still correct; it's not about "getting away" with anything. I was trying to HELP you out, believe it or not.

Nice try, though.

And Geo, for someone who dick-rides other people's comments as much as you do, it would behoove you to keep your mouth shut. Unless making an ass of yourself is some sort of fetish for you (wouldn't be surprised).
interchangeable my ass, dude.....

looks like you and your magic dictionary (the one that rewrites itself at your command and conforms to whatever grammatical missteps you make) have struck again.

at least give us a link to this secret language of yours -- i gave you the benefit of the doubt, but i can't find anything on 'e.i.'.....

this is becoming a habit of yours lately.
HiT shut the fuck up; you're seriously worthless. You call people out on grammar; yet you never capitalize the first letter of your initial word in a sentence. You're the worst.
"at least give us a link to this secret language of yours -- i gave you the benefit of the doubt, but i can't find anything on 'e.i.'....."

Jesus, now you're starting to get desperate. I don't have to prove myself to YOU, nor the other dumb lemmings who "liked" your asinine comment/s. Newsflash: the only time people have to "prove" something is when they're WRONG! However, i'm RIGHT so i don't have to prove a goddamn thing.

Just admit you were wrong, dude. You were wrong, i called you out. And instead of graciously accepting my humble advice, you decided to take it personally, like a child. Not a good look, bro.

I at least let you slide on the 'not capitalizing' your first sentences thing that you tend to do - that was a freebie on my part. You ought to be grateful.
Dude, you are a dipshit. Ei a deluted, retarted one.
Pointless grammar posts aside, the first comment had it fairly spot on in my opinion. You really just have to ask. The worst case scenario is that you scare someone off that wasn't in the same frame of mind as you anyway but most decent people respect honesty.
Life's a crapshoot, just make sure he's got $ and willing to share it.

You're welcome.
@clifton what's your excuse then?
@clifton I think you're thinking of eg. Which is not interchangeable with ie. You also don't need to put that many words in quotes. It just distracts from your message.
This person just needs to toughen up or shut up.
Why don't you say it TO MAH FACE, Geo? You apparently already know where i live - stalker.
Um, I saw the news when you were on it and THEY said where you live.
And you stalk me(Investigating why i use a mobile device)-{answer because I can}


I gotta ask: why spend money on school when you are just gonna shit on proper punctuation and grammar?
Oh wait, I forgot. You're a dumb ass......
And meanwhile, what is it you do with YOUR life besides dick-ride virtually every single one of my comments, eh?

Fyi, it says right below your comment "via mobile". But i guess you didn't see that b/c you were too busy calling someone else a dumb ass.
"someone else" ? That would be YOU!

And because you read that it was sent via mobile, that makes YOU a stalker just as much as me; a guy who watched the news that night.

Ps-suck MAH ass!
Dude, you actively take chunks out of your day just to google search and look me up, lol! The fact that i can reliably count on you to respond to MOST of my comments gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Keep up the good work, Scrappy-Doo.
Dude, I've seen you go back wayyyy back to respond to my comments. I mean, like the OCD freakshow you are, so don't give me that crap.

It's painfully oblivious that you are completely obsessed with me. You have offered me cash, 7x more than you offered the ice prez, just to hang with me, the scrappy do. That's pretty dang desperate Clifford.

I'd be down for hanging if you'd just quietly sit in a chair, in your basement, while tch and I made out on your futon. Thats the best I can do for ya bub. Until then, see ya in the threads....

is this Seventeen magazine? Tiger Beat?
Yep, right on cue.

Fyi, i haven't owned a futon since GA, so i guess you don't know as much as you thought you did, huh?
You can tell by HOW HE TREATS YOU. As was suggested, he wants to spend time with you and takes you to meet his family when the appropriate occasions arise.

Further, he calls when he says he will, doesn't dodge YOUR calls, doesn't treat you like dirt around his friends, and YOU get the front seat and the friends get the back (or walk, if it comes down to it).

He generally treats you like someone he LIKES and RESPECTS and is not ashamed of. He LISTENS to you and TALKS to you. He wants to do things YOU enjoy as well as things he enjoys. He acts as if he is INTO YOU, and not just when it comes to sex (e.g. he doesn't run away after sex).

Obviously, he doesn't HIT you or verbally or emotionally abuse you. And he doesn't CHEAT.

Nor does he flip out if you call suggesting plans and make you feel you are smothering him (assuming you aren't calling constantly or actually being a clingy vine). He doesn't treat you like a nagging mother or a whore or both.

I don't think this question is seems like there is often so much game-playing and drama involved in "relationships" that it can be easy to lose sight of the the obvious; the same things that make a good friendship make a good romantic/sexual relationship. It's that simple, really.

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