God, what an awful night. White trash hell, amiright? Is there anyway you can impose a surcharge for wedding parties that are, say, more than 20 miles, or so, from downtown Portland? The surcharge can be pocketed by the staff as their tip, as everyone knows that these chicklet-toothed, banjo-picking hillbillies outside of the 'Portland core' ain't gonna tip you s-h-i-t.
Eerrrmmaaahhhggaawwdd!! I hate this! I do event bartending as well and these scenarios are the worst!!
So you want their lives ruined because their guests were under the impression they didn't have to show id, they started 50 minutes earlier than planned, and they played hiphop?

Sounds like you just suck ass at running a business if you only made $14. Why take it out on the newlyweds, even if they are white trash? Blame yourself and learn to manage your business better.
If you're a guy, you lose for knowing the word Mariposa. If you're a chick, you lose for knowing the name of some sub-character from Jersey Shore.
Sooooooo, anyone that reads online news will see your post due to you using "Hockinson" and "Wedding". I imagine that not many people got married in Hockinson this weekend, so good luck staying "Anonymous" after the "cunt on the decks" finds out who you are. Someone post this fools business name please - So that we can begin trashing you online and destroying your rep. Good luck getting anymore online referrals!
Was this at Alderbrook Park by any chance? I didn't think the beer was all *that* bad.
Anon, I used to bartend at weddings, and I'd like to point out a few things to you:

You're the one who chose to work as a bartender. You're the one who chose to take a job at a wedding outside of town. From your post, I think it's fair to assume that you were surly and unpleasant throughout the event, and I doubt that I would have tipped you either. If you are bothered by other's taste in beer and music, and if you think of yourself as obviously and infinitely superior to your customers, then you have made a really stupid career choice. You clearly have no taste for the hospitality business, so I recommend that you get out of it. Given your temperament, you seem best suited for work in some kind of industrial basement, away from all the terrible people who aren't as good as you.
And the absolute WORST part is, if these revolting people aren't breeders yet, most likely they soon will be!

My condolences, IA.

Fyi, i totally would've tipped.
Mmmm, industrial basement job.
Sounds like this bartender was hired privately and not through some exclusive business or company. I only say this because I do the same thing, and I can honestly say I feel for him/her; I've bartended shitty events where people were disgusting and rude, and ended up with no tip. I'd like to think I'm a great people person, but it doesn't matter how good you are at what you do--people, with a free and open bar, will most likely feel less obliged to tip. My condolences, I,A....from one bartender to another. Your pain is felt!

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