Anonymous Aug 6, 2012 at 11:33 am


Shut up, vegan.
Um, that sounds awesome. I was always curious as to whether or not they'd live up to the killer album art from Furr.
BT has always played rock, along with a pretty even mix of pop and country/americana. It's only on American Goldwing that they decided to go full country. This person has clearly not heard their early stuff.
That's how they play live. Guess you're not really a superfan after all. Also, if you're trying to escape rock gods hammering on their guitars, why would you go watch the Heartless Bastards?
Clearly, you're too fucking old.
no shit, I've never heard of this Blitzy Trappers band but Heartless Bastards are only about the most deep down delta bluesinist rocksposion to grace a sports bar! Turn off the lotto machines, it's TIME TO ROCK!!!! and consume Bud Light
Clearly you have not heard any of Blitzen Trapper's earlier albums. Did you just start listening to them two albums ago or something? Wild Mountain Nation, which isn't even that old, has several excellently quirky guitar-god rock songs on it.

Also, I was 10 feet away from the stage while they were playing and it was fucking great. And the Heartless Bastards? I like 'em, and I saw them at Pickathon this year, as well as two years ago, but come on, they're kinda bland and boring and repetitive compared to Blitzen Trapper.

Your taste in music probably sucks pretty hard, anon. I'm betting you're one of those indie-folk hipster douchebags. You probably have a tattoo of a feather, an owl, or an old antique key on you somewhere. Failing that, definitely some trite and cheesy quote that you think is like, totally profound or something.

Fucking moron.

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