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It's Sophie's island. No Natalies allowed.
No, it's not, you colossal imbecile. Technically, it was originally named Wapato Island by Lewis and Clark, but later renamed in honor of the Hudson Bay Company's Laurent Sauve, in the name Souvie's Island. The name was later refined to Sauvie Island when the state designated the wildlife area.

So actually, it IS Sauvie's Island just as much as it is Sauvie Island.

But I bet you didn't study up on that when you moved here from California two years ago. How are those law school loan payments going?
Like D&W said. You're a stupid, stupid.
Do you still call New York "New Amsterdam?" I'm not talking about what it has been called, used to be called, was originally called. I'm talking about current name. And the people who are pissing me off by calling it Sauvie's Island are not people who were around when it was actually named that.

The link you are using as evidence of my stupidity actually supports my argument, stupid. SAUVIEISLAND.COM - nuff said. I didn't need to go to law school to learn to pay attention to how things are spelled.

Find something that's ACTUALLY wrong or stupid to argue with if you must, trolls. Facts are facts.
Setting aside the obvious mental instability it would take to be "pissed off" by people misnaming a location, I don't say "New Amsterdam," but does that mean it's wrong to still call Jeld-Wen Field Civic Stadium? Cesar Chavez Blvd as 39th?

You're a fucking moron who needs to calm down and admit you didn't know that it actually can, with very real legitimacy, be called Sauvie's Island because many people grew up in families who have gone there for generations and know it as such.

You did not dispute my assertion that you moved here three years ago from California. "Nuff said," indeed.
Because actual Portlanders aren't allowed to care about spelling and grammar? What the fuck does it matter where I'm from? I'm not a fucking moron (though calling someone that is usually a great way to get them to calm down, especially if they're making a legitimate factual point), I'm not from California, I have lived here longer than you think, and I am quite certain that most of the people that I observe calling it Sauvie's Island are not doing so because that was its name until the 1940s. It's like calling Jeld-Wen Field "Multnomah Stadium."

Anything you're saying, however historically based, doesn't change the actual name of the island. But good job picking an argument for the sake of it, baiting me and calling me names - you have at least succeeded in that. You must feel very accomplished.
Penning an angry I, Anonymous with an ALL CAPS OMG subject and then accusing a commenter of "picking an argument for the sake of it." Classic.

You're still wrong and refuse to acknowledge that while the Real and Official Name of the Island is Sauvie Island, it is equally acceptable and defensible to refer to it by a former name.

Front Avenue. Portland Blvd. Filberts. Renaming something doesn't make former or colloquial names immediately null and void. You're a jackass. Or is it only "donkey" now?
"Or is it only 'donkey' now?"
lol. Drunk & Write ftw.

@anony. You're a turd burglar.
Setting aside the arguments above, Sauvie Island isn't in North Portland. It's in unincorporated Multnomah & Columbia Counties.
How people may refer to a particular location is a study in history and demographics itself. I grew up here and have heard many a reference to both Sauvie and Sauvie's Island. I grew up on 39th AV and it will always be such to me. But don't call me a hater, cuz' the switch from Union AV to Martin Luther King, jr BLVD was easy to make. Similarly, the sports facility located downtown just of W. Burnside has been known by many a name over the years but I'll always call it Civic Stadium.
OMG, what exactly are you people dorking out about again?
Or how about the people who say "Fred Meyers"? That drives me crazy.

Oh wait, no it doesn't.

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