cart, cast, celt, cent, cert, chat, chit, chut, cist, clat, clot, coat, coft, coit, colt, coot, cost, cott, crit, cuit, cult, cunt, curt, cyst

nagger, nailer, naiver, napper, natter, nearer, neater, necker, nectar, needer, nester, nestor, nether, netter, neuter, nicker, niffer, nigger, nigher, nipper, nobler, nodder, nonpar, nonwar, nooser, nosher, nosier, nother, nudger, number, nurser, nutter
I love you I,A. Let's go get a drink and call these asshats out.
Thank you IA!!!

And Graham as always, trying to be a fucking dick in his passive-aggro way.
Man, i must have at least 3 or 4 [active] stalkers on here. That's pretty cool, huh?
We can still say "dago red" though, right?
What a load of crap.
They are just words people.
Are you gonna critisize John Lennon for his song 'Woman is the Nigger of the World"?
Tarintino films, where blacks call whites 'my nigger'?
Or all the British who regularly call someone a 'cunt'?
That said, I rarely - if ever - use these words.... but what a load of touchy-feel-good crap the writer spouts off.
What is it with White people and their fetish-like obsession with the 'n' word? I understand you people invented the word, but that doesn't mean it's yours to use freely [against] whom ever you damn well choose.
If you are being a cunt I'm going to call you a cunt.
How is it possible to be a cunt? It's a part of female anatomy
i'm not sure how it's possible, but my roommate's cat is a cunt.....and a bitch.
sounds like someone's got some sand in their cunt...
So a little walking vagina? I'm fascinated. You should take pictures.
yeah -- and she is a mean one, too.

i mean, maybe she's just simply an asshole -- i can't get close enough to tell.
They do look a little different. The key question is, does she have a little man in a boat riding on her back?
then, yeah -- definitely not an asshole.

but instead of a man, she has a little DEMON in a boat.....with venom-dripping spikes.

it's almost enough to scare me off of boats altogether.
This is so 1978...
little green mitten to this i,a

If you use hateful slurs, you undermine whatever point you were making completely and look like a real jerk.
I wouldn't say don't quote anything, but people's motives are often pretty suspect in doing so.
The English aren't overly enthused about c*nt either tbh.
i've met a few scots that fit that bill, though.

(though, admittedly, most of them were 60ish, drunken men)
Hey, "cunt" is a fine, Old English word (which some linguists theorize is the root of the word "country").

And it's a very fine part of the human/female anatomy.
I FAR prefer it to the Latin "vagina" (which only refers to ONE specific aspect of the female genitalia, as if all the OTHER bits are irrelevent...hint, if someone's skirt flies up and she isn't wearing panties, you DIDN'T see her "vagina", which is an internal organ. You maybe saw her vulva or her labia or her CUNT, but not her vagina).

How it the word, in itself, so horribly offensive and awesomely powerful that it warrants the high level of taboo it enjoys?

Stupid. As a woman, I don't find it any more offensive than any other term used as an insult OR a descriptive. But for some reason, it seems to trip the triggers of damn near everyone.

Like Nigger and Queer, it should be reclaimed and stripped of its power.

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