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Being nice to people is never cool. It's sexism!!
So what do you all say, folks? EPIC IA FAIL of the month?
Wow. You're really making people question their view of the "angry feminist" stereotype.
Why couldn't Helen Keller drive?

Because she was a woman!

But in all seriousness, sounds like someone has a case of the feminist-cunt syndrome. They're not trying to be creepy; they aren't trying to exert the power of their penis over you. They don't think you're helpless and quite honestly, they probably don't even think you're that special---they'rejust being nice, and it's stupid people like you who can't take a fucking courtesy when necessary. Get over your "I am woman hear me roar" shit because it's obnoxious.
Pshh, when women are FORCED to register for the Selective Service (the draft anyone?) and alimony isn't GIVEN to the female simply because she's a female, then we'll talk equality.
I hope he drools on your boobs next time.
Sometimes someone holding a door open for you (or whatever) isn't a comment on your perceived skill level, believe it or not. Sometimes it's just people looking to help each other, which I could see really confusing the Center of the Universe like you are there.
Man.. women have devolved so quickly :/ Nothing but insecurity and fear of men these days.
hcbm - My feminist cunt only admits people I'm actually attracted to and respect. You don't get to name a "syndrome" after feminism or cunts.

Sometimes people are just being nice, sometimes they really are trying to rub up against you. Door-holding is fairly harmless but people don't always get out of the way when doing it. Help should be for someone visibly struggling, and offered not forced, and not because someone is female or purty. A,I really may be inundated with unwanted and actually inconvenient offers. Men with an exaggerated sense of insult around their virility often refuse help they really could use. What a ridiculous culture.
I,A not A,I....presumably this one passed the Turing test.
Please post a pic so I'll know not to help you if your grocery bag rips.
I know exactly what this I,A is talking about. Everytime my female co-worker is there to help me with the morning inventory she's there to rub off my penis.
Sounds like she's a member of Lezbollah.
After reading these comments, I think I've also become an angry feminist.
Sheesh... this world needs a little more niceness to strangers and helping each other out. Whatever situation made you this angry at men - I'm sorry. Please don't help in creating a generation of men that refuse to help out women out of fear of being accused of being overly sexual or being controlling. That's absolute craziness, lady. Best of luck to you.
Wow, how'd this go to angry feminist so fast? It's obvious that you name-callers have never had someone take a grocery bag out of your hands for no reason, or had someone touch you without invitation under the guise of "being helpful" when you didn't need help. It's irritating at the very least, and downright creepy at the worst. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman doing it, and it certainly has nothing to do with feminism. What it has to do with is people needlessly invading your personal space and feeling justified in their heads in doing so.
Crookedfinger - what you write about is gross and an invasion of space. What I,A writes about is helpful men and the I,A just not wanting said help. And I,A is assuming said help is sexually motivated and/or these men having penis-power issues. Very sad assumption on behalf of the I,A.
Well yes, hers had a more feminist bent to it, but aside from the door holding, it IS the same thing. What'd you think she meant by being helped with grocery bags and being helped on and off the bus? People help with those things by touching you or your belongings. Whatever she thinks their motives are, it's still neither necessary or appropriate.
I'm guessing IA is fat and wishes men paid attention to her for anything other than the most altruistic of reasons...
I don't think most people would want anyone touching their groceries, particularly if it were a man passing off his officiousness and condescension as gallant chivalry. Holding the door does seem like common courtesy.
"What'd you think she meant by being helped with grocery bags and being helped on and off the bus? People help with those things by touching you or your belongings. "

Hyperbolic anti-feminist comments nonwithstanding: This comment, and the IA that kicked things off, is the kind of shit that gets shallow-minded pseudo-crusaders lampooned. e.g. "every time you point, I see a penis"...
I hold the door for all types of people if they happen to be coming. So you are no more special than any other type of person.

Offering to carry grocery bags or help someone on to trasit is a bit strange for anyone who isn't obviously struggling over these acts.

But mostly, get over yourself.
Yeah, I mean there are also men who genuinely are being creepy when they offer their "help" with something. The groceries thing is weird - so would offering to help "lift your luggage." But again, making it into a larger point about gender (and generations, for some reason) is lazy, and deserves to be labeled as such.
Anyway, if we need a name for the syndrome she described, I suggest "male pattern boldness."
Anon, I think I understand your problem. You must be unfamiliar with the phrase, "no thank you." I encourage you to practice using it whenever people are attempting to provide you with unsolicited (and unappreciated) assistance. Generally, people trying to help you will stop when you say "no thank you." I'm pretty sure that if you tried it out, you would find that everyone wins! You won't be demeaned (or whatever it is that you're worried about happening here), and they won't have to waste their time helping someone who will quietly hate them for it. And best yet, no one will have to write angry, anonymous internet tirades that accuse half of an entire generation of being lecherous ego-maniacs.

Also, if you would would like to expedite the process, please provide a description of yourself. That way you won't have to worry about saying, "no thank you." Instead, if I happen to see you, I can just make sure that I don't do anything to make your day easier.
What about Gen-Xers holding open doors for you? Are you cool with that? If you don't want my assistance, a simple "No thank you" will suffice. I'll back off, no biggie.

Totally with you about those Baby Boomers. They drive me crazy!

is leering wrong?
Oh, and that thing about conflating unpleasant interactions with wage inequity is what they call a "false equivalency" in the big city there.
Todd Mecklem wins another thread! And I'm getting as unpopular as poor Clifton. Hilarious.
I always hold the door for whoever is entering or exiting right behind me. I guess this is wrong. Since IA is, um, anonymous, I'm gonna have to start showing ALL females the proper respect by letting it slam in their faces. I'll still hold it for the fellas, though, because men are delicate flowers who simply couldn't cope without me.
"And I'm getting as unpopular as poor Clifton. Hilarious."

Xauen, as of my typing this, you have a total of 14 'dislikes' b/t two posts here.

I once received 44 'dislikes' in ONE post.

You are not WORTHY!
IA, you should head over to your nearest elevator. You'll quickly witness people subtly pushing the "door close" button and pretending not to look at you as you approach the elevator door. That might serve as a nice counterbalance to these baby boomers.

Welp anonymous, going by this thread in 30 years you'll only have to deal with a bunch of misogynist internet commenters. Hooray?
Dear IA; your first world problems seem so important; more important than economic terrorists; more important than the aids epidemic; more important than the Sikh shooting in Wisconsin. Oh my; how life would be so good to have such simple problems as you.
Chicostix: So, is your point that no one should complain about anything until we have solved all of the most important problems faced by humanity? That's a pretty high bar for justifying a complaint. I have to wonder how much of your day is spent on "first world problems" instead of focusing only on issues of supreme importance. Frankly, I would guess that if you have time to write comments here, you probably could be better spending that time working on bigger problems, like the ones that you listed.
@torgo I always love it when people say that in I,A. Especially frequent commenters.
"So, is your point that no one should complain about anything until we have solved all of the most important problems faced by humanity?"

Straw-man question is very straw-man. Good job at being terrible.
Right, because females are the only ones who can be negatively stereotyped based on incredibly shallow judgements. Females are NEVER wrong, because if you ever point it out to them, YOU ARE A MISOGYNIST!
Chicostix: Simply calling my characterization of your argument a straw-man does not make it so. If I mischaracterized your point, then please provide a correction so that I may better understand what you wrote. Otherwise, all you have done is named a fallacy of logic, not shown its presence.
@kb wut
@tcraig : I was just trying to point out that while misogyny is definitely a thing needing to be dealt with, and that this IA poster has every right to not feel that she needs help from men, that she sounds a bit hateful and judgmental towards these men that sound like they are only trying to be nice. And that just because someone tries to point this out to her, it doesn't mean that they are being misogynist.

Just trying to get people to chillax! No hate! Peace and love!

Good lord I need a social life.
I always err on the side of trusting a woman when she says that the attention she is getting is unsolicited and suspect. If her perception is that these men are patronizing her with unsolicited assistance and using the opportunity to leer at her, I trust her and the complaint is valid.

Disagreeing doesn't make you a misogynist, but many of these comments come near blame the victim, crazy bitch, & reverse discrimination territory.
I don't think anyone is necessarily "blaming the victim", just trying to point out that while she doesn't necessarily know the reason for the actions of these men, she still assumes it's because of (pretty hardcore) misogynistic reasons. And that logic came off as being very hateful.

Of course the majority of cultures all around the world are still greatly unbalanced (since things like racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. are still very much alive and present), but I just don't see how addressing actions that seem fairly innocent and polite with hateful accusations of sexism is helping anything.
tyfyt, I was confused!
Me too. I don't know how you guys do it. Insufferable unlistenable for more than 2 minutes. Maybe am too busy these days and I don't see the fun part of it.
"Right, because females are the only ones who can be negatively stereotyped based on incredibly shallow judgements. Females are NEVER wrong, because if you ever point it out to them, YOU ARE A MISOGYNIST!"

I completely agree! Thank you!

Torgo; why don't you go write another I,A whining about misunderstanding peoples' actions; then comment on it with the login Torgo; since you forgot to comment on it with your alternative login.
Ugh I hate it when strangers tell me to smile. While I am not little miss grumpy pants all of the time, what kind of freak just walks around town smiling nonstop?!

Chico -- Are you agreeing with my sarcasm? Or do you actually agree with the statement I made? I can't tell...
the latter, of course.
DamosA, I don't post much bile, controversy or "meet me in the playground" challenges and I've never been on the news. So yeah, it's not in the same ballpark, but the fact that I struck a nerve at ALL is kind of surprising.
The sarcasm of course!

Fail at mind reading yet again; hiT. You're just uber fail all day.

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