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While I'm all for the making fun of PT Cruisers and bad hair, I find it difficult to give you any kind of props for this rant based solely on your use of the word 'retarded'. I consider anyone to be fair game, i.e. women, children, clowns, animals, pagans, but certainly not those who are mentally delayed, severely or otherwise.

Nice try, hot shot, but you're the asshole in this rant.
p.s. those with mental disabilities wouldn't appreciate being likened to a PT cruiser. Just saying.
yeah - I,A should totally change that line to 'MENTALLY-CHALLENGED car'.....

i'm always way less offended when someone refers to me (or my truck) as 'mentally-challenged', rather than 'retarded'.

Or better yet, anon should have been a bit more witty in their insult! And human, no one is calling you, or your truck, retarded---maybe an idiot, sure, but certainly not retarded.
Wait, I think even "mentally challenged" might not be PC enough nowadays. Pretty sure you are supposed to say "differently abled" or some shit.
So women, children, Pagans, etc. are "fair game", but retards are off the table?

What about Black people? Are they "fair game" too, huh?
Anyone who can defend themselves is fair game. But in case you're wondering, I leave the women, children, clowns, pagans and animals with mental disabilities alone.
Nobody in the state of Or-y-gun shall ever, EVER, accuse another human being, on this planet, of driving badly.
Hey, I LIKE my silver PT Cruiser...screw you IA! (and no, it wasn't me you saw...I have OR plates, drive very well, and MY model doesn't even HAVE an ashtray...WTF? ;)

Decent gas milage for the size, tons of leg and head-room, sun-roof, AND the back seats fold down flat in seconds to make a 2-seater with as much cargo space as a station wagon.

More to the point, making fun of people for their CAR? Really? I mean, I guess if they drive a HUMMER, maybe, but otherwise?

Their driving skills and assholery like dumping an ashtray (REALLY? Wow), even their hair, are fair game. But their CAR? It's a vehicle to get from point A to point B, not a reflection of character or personal worth (unless it's a HUMMER, of course;)