The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Dear god. People like this exist.
If your declaration of being a good mother is sandwiched between wanting your son to beat up an elderly drunk woman and her dog, and boasting about drenching someone in your infected blood, you MIGHT NOT be a good mother.
I want so bad for this to be real... and I want so bad for it to be fake...
You must be the classiest lady ever, seriously.
Sexy white bras (which was no doubt worn as a shirt that evening) go really well with a terminal std. Well done tramp!
I thought we were finished with Vancouver posts for a while.
So IA, not only are you a violent thug prone to assaulting children and animals, but you're DISEASED too?
Ok this was maybe one of the most fucked up post I've read so far.....
So not only do you brag about giving someone hep c( even the possibility is dire) you fucking brag about this.
Shame on you and your whole trailer park family for being proud of this you uneducated bitch!
Someone's life is not worth your petty issues. Shame on you. Get off the fucking Internet and get a life worth living.
Just for the record, hep C is very rarely an "STD". The CDC estimates a sexual transmission rate of approximately 1-5% over 20 YEARS of regular, unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner, and many public health departments won't routinely test sexual contacts, due to the risk being so small.

It is MUCH more commonly contracted via intravenous drug use (not that that renders this IA any classier or a better parent).

Way to set the example, mom.