To the Girl in the Front Row at Buddy Guy


Good lordy, after all the Buddy Guy cock you just sucked in this letter I'm glad this chick annoyed you. You seem like the most annoying superfan ever.
Ha! yeah there is always that one guy/girl that ruins it for everyone...
or four.
Oh God...the 40 acres and the mule that keeps on going like a little pony.
Yeah I was going to say, sounds like a scene taken right out of Ghostworld.
No, but it isn't. It's a real live band, Kay_B. Look for it in Google.
I realize that this actually happened, Leaky. It's just a perfect example of life imitating art imitating life.
No, it wasn't. You're imagining things by my standards. That's all I can say about youre little paragraphed opinion.
Oh, lol, where was my head stuck at, I meant "your". Damn auto correct spell check.
I'm not going to write a separate I,A about this, but: from a stagehand's perspective, all of you who spend the first half-hour after a show clamoring for set lists sound both crazy and stupid. A set list isn't some precious thing that your idol's hands touched. It came out of a computer printer and was taped to the stage by a roadie. If you want a list of the songs that were played that evening, you could just as easily go home and print one out yourself. It would be every bit as authentic.

Guitar picks though? Those things'll make you money. That's why *I* get to keep them.
Buddy Guy is Da BOMB! I agree....I would NEVER dare to interupt the man, playing OR speaking. SLAP me if I do!

Even KEITH RICHARDS bowed low and handed over his guitar after playing with him. "It's's yours."

If HE felt/portrayed himself as not worthy, I KNOW that loud-mouth in the front row wasn't.

I feel your pain, IA.