Anonymous Aug 29, 2012 at 9:25 am


So now it's gotten to the point that we have to be "PC" hurling insults? Fuck that cocksucker.
Were you sucking cock while making said traffic infraction?
Rabble Rabble Rabble... also it's "fixed gear"
Yeah... I would say that it is safe to assume that this person was not gay-bashing. When an insult is shouted out randomly at a stranger on the street, I doubt that they mean it literally.
Dear I,A; you're a cocksucker; get over it douche.
I prefer cock-BLOWER, but I'm weird like that.
Yeah, at a certain point there are no insults left; whoever's least offended is going to end up with their group as "the one it's ok to use as an insult." By mass consensus. Looks like it's going to be gay men.
Jesus effing Christ. Just because someone called you a cocksucker does not mean they're homophobic. What if he'd called you a motherfucker? Would you be offended that he assumed you fucked moms?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sucking cocks. God bless anyone that does. But it's an insult! He was insulting you! It's not supposed to be PC or taken literally.

Were you in a car? Did your minor infraction (car or not) possibly scare the shit out of him because anytime a cyclist wrecks into something it's going to hurt like a bitch? Then you probably deserved it.

Certain cuss words are just so fun to fire off, and cocksucker is one of those. All of those hard consonants feel real good in a person's mouth. You can't expect an insult that's been around for over a hundred years (I looked it up) to suddenly disappear because the LGBT community is finally getting some much-deserved rights.
It's not just Portland, arenit. There are many "social justice" sites out there that love to read way too much into books, comments, actions, etc. and claim bigotry/hatespeak where it doesn't really seem to exist. I fully support the idea (and execution of) social justice, but I often come across people all over who make way too much out of things just to make a fuss.
Besides, why would I care about what a pigfucker like you thinks?
I blame my recent overuse of the word on watching Deadwood. I guess if sensitive bike riders want their own insult, we could call them "rimjobbers." Good luck using that as an insult without giggling, you cocksuckers.
"Cocksucker" used as an epithet is homophobic, clearly, but so common that most people who say it don't think they're being homophobic. If it's at all possible to retrain your brain, please be a sweetheart and say "shithead" instead.

I think at this point, that HH and of Course Kayyyyyy_BBB℠ are right, as always, look at this.

Kay_B, you're a cunt inflamatory licker,

Its alright, right? right?
Well "cunt inflamatory licker" is definitely not one I have heard before. In that case, I am forced to take this phrase literally.

And as appealing as that sounds, Leaky, you are not correct. Dog fucker.
And literally means?
Yep, even when translated back from the original English as Twelfth Language augmented by Severe Head Trauma, that still didn't make any sense.
I love you all for calling this overly sensitive.... well cocksucker.... out on his bullshit. If we have come to the point where words are considered bashing things have gotten sad indeed. Maybe instead of kick ball we could all play a rousing game from our youth like maybe.... Smear the Queer? remember that one cocksucker?
Tone of voice and inflection in this scenario is a very important detail. He could have just been asking you to suck his cock, this is Portland and it is 2012 afterall.
Jake for the win!

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