Well to their defense, Sleigh Bells new album is pretty terrible, still pretty funny that someone would pay around 20 bucks just to hate on a band, these folks need a hobby.
I always think that it's completely rude and inappropriate to "Boo" (as well as other similar actions) bands, even if you really don't like them. It's just so pigheaded and immature. Someone is up on a stage getting a chance to do what they love. No one is forcing you to buy their shit or like them. Just sit around and wait for the band you came for, is it that hard?

That being said, of the hundreds of times in my teenage years that I have attended live shows, there was only one band that I felt perfectly deserved being "boo"ed, and that's because their disgusting personalities outshined everything else they were doing. I really wish I could remember their name...
@:-) WRONG; the new Sleigh Bells albums is an instant classic, but it does require repeat listens. Other people are always the reason I don't go to concerts; that, and my desire to preserve my hearing.
Should have tossed an in my opinion on that first post. Point I was trying to make is if you hate a band so much that you're going to act like a too hip to be in the room turd, stay at home.
yeah, you're right, :-) should've totally included an 'in my opinion' in your first comment -- we were all assuming that what you said was an incontrovertible fact.
Phew close call then.
we make a good team.
Kay_B: Booooooooo.

Besides Katy Perry am sure you do not attend any other concert, and I have nothing against Katy Perry, actually I think she's very cool unlike you. POSER.
That's why God invented pepper spray. Use it on those inappropriate individuals and tell them it's for their own good.
Leaky, I think you need a haircut.
why is that? (am not looking too shabby.)
Refused sucks, and has always sucked. Boo hoo, life is so difficult.
all I can say is that you are a fucking dumbass for paying $50 ish to see a "hardcore" band...

So many better choices from Sweden and this one is the shitstain that is fetishized, sad.

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