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If it wasn't Timbers fans, it would be burb-people shopping on 23rd. If It wasn't them, it would be your own neighbors hogging up the streets. Parking in NW sucks. It has always sucked. You didn't take that into account before you moved there? You're an idiot.
Welcome to living in NW Portland you whiney, bitch-made shittle lover. When you decided to be hip and trendy and splurged for that 1200/month 400sq foot studio you should've done one of three things. Bought a parking spot, started riding a bike, or living in a busy city near a multi-purpose stadium would result in parking problems. Fucking ass clown.
lol@these comments. It never ceases to amaze me how envious people are of those of us with enough riches and Mercedes' with vanity plates to have the good fortune (oopsies, pun!) to live in NW and not be stuck in SE with the smelly hipster girls with dragonfly and cherry blossom sleeves, Ras Trent dreads and five roommates crammed into an ant infested house. We're all impressed at how real you keep it.

True gents and stylish women choose NW not only for the fact all the bedbugs and lice you can cram into the east side can't swim across the Willamette but also so we could avoid the knuckledragging Greshamites and Beavertonians. Unfortunately, Portland's eternal hard-on to try to be as faux European as possible has resulted in everyone instantly deciding they're a diehard "football" fan.. oops, I mean "soccer". USA! Fortunately I have a private driveway so parking during games isn't an issue for me. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand why it might upset some that an asshole like me gets to live in this area while you "decent hearted" gutter punks have to squat on Alberta, it's just that I don't care. bbiab, gonna go "occupy" my personal driveway. ;) Don't hate.
I thought the point of living in NW is not having to drive to work. You want to work in Hellsboro, then either MAX it or move out. Living DT is worth it to me because I work DT. Walking, biking, streetcar all keep my car happily in place all day every day.
My car is strictly for trips to the coast and Seattle. The vanity plates are strictly for the envious.
Duh nailed it. Also, isn't it ironic, as a car owner, to complain about other car owners not taking public transportation?

At least it seems like some real winners live near the stadium. And by "winners" I mean slandering, over-generalizing, materialistic dipshits.
It never ceases to amaze me how "rich" folks always enjoy pointing out how "rich" they are. Well enjoy your Mercedes with vanity plates, you're an awful handicapped person insulting human being arenit. I'm not envious of that even a little bit.
Or, arenit, instead of pretending like you've got money to hit on that cute 24 year old gold digger you could use that exorbitant rent money on investing a piece of property. But then you couldn't lease your Merc like a materialistic clown. I find it rather humorous you bash euro wannabe soccer fans whilst admitting you drive a hitler wagon.

Also, it must be really fun to walk down your steets and stumble over bums in every nook of the city. I'll talk my back yard, smelly hippies and mortgage that costs less than your private parking spot.
^^ keep "talking" to your backyard, hippie. The home I own is in Cannon Beach, I've been renting in NW for the last 16 years and my rent hasn't gone up one red penny since day one as this is a private rental. I admit I'm quite lucky to have secured it. The parking (driveway) is included in rent as well, so no extra charge. I shudder when I look at the rents for tiny studios in these apartment buildings run by the big rental companies in this area, but that's gentrification for you. People may assume I'm partly the cause of that but I assure you this was a vastly different town 20 years ago, back when most of you were zit faced NIN fans still living in the midwest. Truth hurts. Keep hating.
IDGAF, I look like a punk hippie from hell, and I own a white Porsche. When I renew my license plate, that'll be all. (Should I get a Vanity Plate?.)
If ignorance is bliss, then Anonymous and arenit, you must be ecstatic. The notion on implementation of parking fees has more to do with revenue and turnover than game days. The city currently have Zone L parking permits available for all residents and merchants in the NW area (see… if your not to tired from your petulant ranting). Also read the the article discussing the plan published LAST YEAR:…. The entire thread is as whiny as when the new Pearl residents got upset over the truck traffic service the businesses and the post office, or the out-of-staters who buy into north Portland and complain about rail, racetrack, and airport noise. And no, arenit, I do not envy you or your apparent your feelings of inadequacy that compels you to consume and strut. Get over yourselves.
You got a place near a STADIUM! You are an idiot. What did you think was going to happen, dumb ass?
The dude who wrote this is right, though. Every time there is a Timbers game, they fill the streets with cars over 20 blocks away from the stadium. Parking in NW north of Lovejoy street has always been easy (and free) and now it is impossible and will cost us. Rich people shopping on 23rd don't take up the parking spots (they park in the parking garages or actually on 23rd), it is only the Timbers fans.

And the real frustration is that these fans leave half spots. So fucking annoying.
17 home games a year over 7 months and people are complaining. You should start caring about more important thing.
Hey arenit, do you also drive a convertible?
EAT THE RICH! (And Timbers fans)

You have a house in Cannon beach; one of the biggest tourist shithole traps on the coast. The houses there are so cheap right now; no wonder you haven't sold it yet. haha

Having a place in or close to Florence would be much better; at least then you're near a nice golf course.
I am just curious as to why those who chose to live in the NW area are so indignant about Timbers fans who, though some may opt park in the NW (though I can't see how with the current restrictions), most walk, bus, bike, or MAX to the stadium from outside the NW area. And why only the Timbers and not other users, like PSU, whose games do not have the same game day parking restrictions?
Quite a few Timber fans take public transportation.
I live near the Rose Garden and traffic on game or concert days is a bitch.

I live half a block from a park that hosts softball, concerts, movies, or other events at least twice a week during the warm months and parking is always borked during said events.

Thanks to the fact that I live near these attractions, my neighborhood is thriving, vibrant, healthy and desirable, with lots of cafes, upscale bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and boutiques.

In exchange for a little traffic or parking inconvenience, I get to live someplace AWESOME.

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