Or replace stop being alcoholics (annoying) with stop being a pothead (almost as annoying). I love getting stoned as much as the next guy but moderation, please. These girls who toke daily, are always so sedate, aloof and unkept.. lvl 9 boner killer for sure. Also, smoker's cough... gross. Also, cig stink, gross. Oh shit now I can't stop hatin!
Oh great now you're qualifying these by mental state. Although I completely agree with the letting someone know you're not interested bit of this. Way too many people in this city think it's ok (and in some cases courteous) to just not say anything at all. Everyone who does that needs to man up! hehe.
For such a liberal city, the women here sure do want a very conservative, normal Joe. I think it speaks a lot to the vast number of girls who move here from the midwest where they're used to boys who present the "man up" illusion. Welcome to Portland, dudes drink and slack off. I feel bad for the women trying to change all these guys when in reality they probably moved to the wrong city if they were looking for the "man up" type of boyfriend.
I don't really have anything to say about this or any of the other "half of everyone needs to fix themselves" posts. I just like adding comments, and this is one.

I hope you guys get all this stuff sorted out soon. I'm sure we would all be happier if you did. Good luck.
"HAVE YOUR OWN PLACE. Alone. By yourself. Not with 9 roommates."

"And finally, stop having ridiculous expectations. People are people, accept that."

Ok, you FAIL sir or maddam. EPICLY, i might add. I sense that your intentions are proper, but try again please.
Torgo, I completely agree, posting comments is fun and relatively harmless! Weee internet!
One man's fish is another man's poisson.
I'd love to know whether IA lives all by him/herself...
"Ok, you FAIL sir or maddam. EPICLY, i might add. I sense that your intentions are proper, but try again please. "

you are an EPIC FAIL, that is all
"niche culture"? I believe most of them ARE the posers. What a laugh
"you are an EPIC FAIL, that is all"

Say it TO MAH FACE, bitch! You can find me at the Swans show Sat. night, in the pit. BRING IT!
The fact that the OP thinks that "jock" is a discrete social demographic says that this person is a teenager.
And for fuck's sake wear the ewok costume when you try to finger my butt!!!
... and never, ever, stick your fingers in your date's ears on the first kiss.

That said, I wanted to comment on why so many people drop off the face of the earth without so much as a "sorry, no thanks" after the first or second date. I was once an offender myself, so I can comment on why I used to do it. It's because of a surprisingly high proportion of those "sorry, no thanks" being followed up by a dozen argumentative or pleasing texts/emails trying to wheedle or guilt me into "giving them a chance". Lest this sound like just a girl problem, my male best friend has gotten the same thing from ladies he's gone out with.

In other words, all of us end up paying the price because of the batshittery of a few. I'll tell you the honest truth about why at least some of us never call back; it's because we're SCARED, and don't know how to handle it.

I have reinforced my ovaries and put on my big girl panties since then, and now I always offer at the very least the courtesy of "You seem like an awesome person but I'm not feeling it". But I still understand why some people might be too timid to say that much if they've had a bad experience or two.

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