Dear Cab Driver


You'd rather smell the body in the trunk?
So, I've never liked the smell of cologne (or at least the ones that I've encountered), but it's never made me gag and cough. What I find interesting is that individual responses can be so different; some people hardly seem to notice, while others nearly collapse in a fit of coughing and sneezing. Does anyone know what the difference is between people that cause such varying reactions? Is it some kind of hyper-sensitivity? I know that for some, it irritates their asthma, but I've also known non-asthmatics who respond this way. Just curious.
Call this what it is- You hate stinky foreign cab drivers
oh so sensitive, maybe you could crack a window?
aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy why you say dat? de ladies they dig the drakkar noir.
A-Fucking-Men. AND the dude at the gym that I had to change next to the other day who furiously pumped that shit all over his fucking body after showering. He looked shocked when I called him out on being a stupid fucktard for spraying that shit in public/closed quarters.
In Soviet Russia cologne wears you!