Taken for a Ride


You really just rhymed your herpes confession?

This is either the best or worst IA of the year.... possibly both
You need a bigger finish, how about:

I hope one day you'll bellow like a Visigoth
As your curs├ęd rod's devoured by a giant moth.
"Shock" does not rhyme with "off," but I'll allow it, since I really love "penis/between us."
Poetry is never the solution.
Oh no! Herpes! Whatever will you do?
Might i recommend actually doing what you proposed & posting a face with a name & HSV status? There are far, far too many people in this town with HSV who feel no need or moral inclination to be honest & disclose their status to their partners. i know that it's painful & shameful & that you face rejection. But those are small things compared with the burden of guilt from having given a LIFELONG DISEASE to another person.
If fuckers are going to be dishonest about this shit, they need to be exposed. Not to shame them, per se, but so that others can be warned.
*aren't going to be honest
May I assume you were in a long term and trusting relationship with this cabbie before engaging in unprotected coitus.
laughing out loud

Then you wrote a poem about it.

And then you posted it on the intraweb thinking ...not sure what you were thinking.

It would be tremendously fucked up to post someones picture in that manner, fact is unless you know your partner is honest and clean or you don't care, don't have unprotected sex!!!
Also, HSV is often asymptomatic in men and most clinics, won't test for it unless you have symptoms, learn about the disease before you go around pointing fingers.
its amazing how judgemental some people can be towards complete strangers. Also HSV can be transferred through oral sex and even with the use of condoms. Maybe you need to do a bit more research
It takes two to tango.
You should report him to the Multnomah County Health Services. If he knows he has herpes and is intentionally spreading it, it's considered a public health hazard. What a terrible person!
Wear a condom dumb ass and maybe don't be a whore.