Anonymous Sep 20, 2012 at 4:16 pm


you're 'troubled' by seeing people wearing their employee badges after work, eh?.....

yep, you're troubled alright.

(and i'm troubled by the possibility that you're not sterile.)

Hey now, I'm this asshole sometimes. My defense - my Tri-Met sticker is on my name tag so I leave work, hop on the bus, don't have to dig through my bag looking for my bus pass - hey! It's right here, hanging around my neck.
I'm confused, are you troubled by this or do you not care? Really though, are you jealous of them? Are you reminded about the time they came in your cottage cheese when you were living with them? Most people I assume will notice when some a-hole is staring at their employee badge, do you really think people go around stalking these folks by getting personal information from their work badges? Some folks in this town have very odd complaints about very innocuous things.
This seems like a thing in which to invest a lot of thought.
Don't you tell 'em they don't need no steenkeeng badges?
Mine comes off within seconds of getting out the door. Due to the douchebags that are more than prevalent at my place of work.
This is the dumbest fucking thing I have read on here in hours.

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