Anonymous Sep 25, 2012 at 9:04 am


Haven't you heard? Portlanders don't drive cars. So we don't need parking anywhere. Enjoy lefty paradise!
You were walking? ...............sure.
Oh noes, a whole foot and a half between parked cars?! WHAT AN OUTRAGE!

You do understand that in downtown areas such as this you aren't going to come across football field sized Costco parking lots like you're used to back in Nebraska or Arizona or wherever you moved here from, yes? You don't drive around in circles like an idiot, letting your rage simmer with each unsuccessful loop. You set down the cheeseburger you're nursing, drive a few more blocks to park and walk the distance. What a pussy.
Yeah, go back to Nebraska, person who disagrees with me!!1! Cuz everyone who really knows Portland agrees with me, cuz I moved here five whole years ago!11
I work at the SW Waterfront area - people seriously do need to learn to park. If you live in the metro area, park like it. This isn't Beaverton, suckers. Stop using 2 feet of a cushion between you and the next parked car. It's annoying as hell.
Beaverton is part of the metro area.
Blabby - ok... I guess I was trying to make the point that Beaverton is not down town Portland and you can take up two parking spots with your SUV.
People in Portland need to learn how to drive AND park. Seriously, I have no idea why you never learned these things.

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