Anonymous Sep 25, 2012 at 11:18 am


Real talk, that was the dumbest analogy ever. Sell your computer.
What's it an analogy for, @arenit? Aren't analogies comparisons or metaphors or something like that? This sounds like a real thing, not an analogy.

And is "real talk" the new "pro tip"?
Yeah some hack referees incorrectly calling a football play still doesn't make me care about wealthy players/referees whining about not being able to be allowed to be more wealthy. It's just a game, get a life.
I'm a registered republican, I try not to watch NFL games, but I did enjoy seeing that 4th quarter touchdown by Seattle. It was pretty great! Made me laugh pretty hard at The Beer Monger; especially after some chick at the bar started yelling how unfair the call was. I'm a much bigger fan of college football.

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