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You didn't "sing" up for the class? If your voice is anything like your grammar, you've been swindled.
Sorry, I wrote this while pissed and did not do a check. - Blushing
So how did PCC "screw you" by YOU using a public library computer? Also: Someone hacked PCC, signed up up for a class, attended that class the first week ( lest you be automatically dropped and therefore not financially liable)? Weird.

Seems like there's a lot of this story being left out, or it's completely bullshit.
Sorry again, I was trying to be short. I used a public computer to check a grade for the last writing class I had to take through PCC. I probably went on to check my email, facebook, bank account..... then left. Next thing I know I am requesting records from PCC and I had been signed up for a Biology class I would never need ect.... I assume the public computer is the leak? They argued through the petition process that my name was taking a seat from a paying student which from the class records, is untrue. I had attended PCC for years before and had been a great supporter of the school. This has been an awful corporate feeling experience
I never went to the class (OBV) and could not get a response from the teacher, I have all this on record and showed it to the petition panel. This happened in 2010.
It's frustrating that bureaucracy can be so unyielding. More than likely this has nothing to do with swindling you, but is a case of institutional incompetence. Everyone's case seems unique and its solution cut and dry (doubtful PCC is going to shutter its windows and close shop without your $500), until it gets lost in a complicated and unwieldy bureaucratic process. There are no doubt hosts of office trolls and lazy middle managers that either want to shuffle your problem to another department, or dismiss it outright without bothering to review. I work at a school that is an organizational mess (PSU), and this stuff happens almost daily.

Write to the school's President and appropriate Vice Provosts if you haven't already. Be angry, be obnoxious. It's usually a case of the squeaky wheel -- you just need to be loud and annoying enough to make them want to get rid of you. Sadly.
OP: NEVER use a public computer to check or log into an account that you don't want to have compromised. NEVER.

Another tip NEVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR MORE THAN 1 or 2 ACCOUNTS! 1 gets compromised everything else will as well.

It is the single easiest way to have your accounts compromised, it's trivial to install a keylogger and have it send regular dumps to a remote computer.

What most likely happened is that you did not sign out of whatever account you were logged into, and the next person saw it and decided to fuck with you.
Girl, you should file a police report for ID theft. Someone obv used your personal info w/o your permission and this was the repercussion. Then dispute the pcc charges with the credit bureaus. I'm sure the squeaky wheel tactic will eventually work but may not be worth your effort if you don't intend to take classes at pcc again. Good luck!
I work for PCC and I have to say we hear this story all the time, it is your responsibility to make sure you log off from all your accounts when using a public computer. We have no way of knowing if you did or did not sign up for a class. If you never showed up for the class you should have been dropped but it doesn't always happen that way as not all teachers take attendance because lets face it here, its college and were all adults.

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