You sound like a very stable individual that any corporation - big or small - would gladly count among the ranks of their employees.
The Pentegon must be the Oregon version of the Pentagon. Ours is a small bunker beneath the Econo Lodge in East Salem.
It's PCP in the 5-panel not LSD.

No, employers should not be able to dig into your medical info in the first place and anyone here not taking that seriously is probably a post-Reagan baby (or plain jackass). We've lost a lot of rights in the past couple decades just capitulating to blanket and random drug testing of people not operating heavy machinery or working with the vulnerable. Additionally it sounds like some HIPAA violations going on with the public discussion of your prescriptions....
...but yes, false positives (and mishandled tests) are fairly common. Ibuprofen used to cause THC false positives, and otc Naproxen and a number of prescription drugs still can. And, well, lots of potential for further privacy invasion....…
Yes Oregun or Oregan or Oregone as I like to got it Pentagon, aka here Pentegon...... as they are truly egon's from outerspace.
Wow disastronaut, way to exemplify the stigma surrounding "mental illness" that this post is attempting to address. Maybe you could do some research about the drug in question before labeling the OP as unstable. OCD, PTSD, fibromyalgia and anxiety/depression are not good reasons to be disqualified from a government job, or to have your privacy invaded.

Now quit liking your own, highly predictable comment. It wasn't clever.
ok disastronaunt poster....apparently I pissed you off? Gee you act like your the one on Prozac ( or you need to be on it). This sad situation actually did happen to me yesterday, and yes I do take the stuff daily along with other stuff. Just keeping it real with some much needed humor. Apparently you did not find this humorous. Your loss.
Fibromyalgia is actually a very valid reason to deny someone a job, since its a fake disease and they're probably milking you for a disability check.
Aww, ignant lil falafelstomper troll wants to get a rise out of me. Ah well, I only read this blog for the trolls anyway. I'm sure you know better than all them idjits with medical degrees.

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