Hey bitter female: Ever looked at the women's ads on this site? They embody every complaint you mentioned (replace topless with tattoo'd cleavage) and then some. In fact, the problem with the deceptive photos on the women's side is far more criminal. Take it from a guy who used to date a lot of those women a few years ago, the deceit going on with some of those ladies is rather epic.

But you know what you don't do? You don't fire off some angsty "I haven't been laid in 10 months" complaint condemning all "dudes" because it really makes it look like you're the problem, not them. When I used to use Lovelab, anytime I came across a woman's profile that looked questionable, or used the typical shady-photography-tricks, I'd simply move on. When you rage-on about dating site shenanigans, the only one who comes off looking pathetic and desperate is the rager.

Good luck!
Hey arenit, you should ask her about piña coladas....
You came across a woman's profile?
I don't have a current photo, I'm just gonna use the one of the guy with the unicorn mask and white undies.
What's with all this hating on tattooed ladies? This is Portland, if you don't like it you're kind of in the wrong city.

I can understand if the tattoos are lame or super cliche, like swallows on the chest or nautical stars on people from landlocked states, or cursive on the neck/boobies;
but I really have been seeing a lot of negative stuff written about tattooed women.
Some from heavily tattooed men even bitching about it, once again making me think most dudes just want a pin thin waxed smart but not too smart fuckbot that will bring them food. I am directly referencing past comments about this subject in the IA forum.

So if you're a moderately tattooed lady, what gives? What's the problem? If you're not an alcoholic, have your financial shit on lockdown, etc. I'm just curious.

***Also this IA is tired and everyone knows that online dating blows but does it anyway. Shut up.
I for one like tattoos. Not really a fan of the neck tats tho'. They just seem kind of trashy, but that hasn't stopped me from dating someone with one.
Should maybe note that *many* of the ladies' profiles on Lovelab also contain that disclaimer about not being a paid member, and thus not being able to send messages.

But that's ok for the ladies to do, right? Because the *man* is supposed to be the one paying for things and initiating contact, right?
I'd consider it a victory to find a profile, male or female, that isn't either full of fibs/exaggerations or pretty generic when trying out online dating. No offense to lovelab or it's patrons but I simply don't see a tremendous variety in the type of persons "looking for love" on there.
Shut the fuck up about tattoos already. You're all so fucking superficial it makes me sick. Maybe try not fucking dating on the Mercury website. Its probably the saddest thing on the dating website circuit.

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