Anonymous Sep 26, 2012 at 12:51 pm


At least it was not Indian leftovers. That stuff will fuck up a break room big time
Stop this culturally insensitive nonsense. I work in the tech industry, so people microwave fish and curry every day. Guess what? It's not really a big deal, because I'm not a bigot who hates other cultures.
Title should be: Fish? Foul.
Falafelstromper - really? Read into things much? Microwaved fish can be horribly intense, regardless of the way it's prepared - so I think the bigot dig was a bit dramatic. Gross smells are gross smells, regardless of what part of the world they come from. Chill out.
OK, then, how about "Mahi-Mahi No-No" "Gee, Your Fish Smells Horrific" "Salmoning Demons" "Eat Shad and Die" take your pick.
Note to self: Leave my curried pickled salmon at home tomorrow.

A guy at my work today microwaved some sardins. This I,A could be talking about that guy! I didn't stay in the break room for the smells; I left when I saw him put it in the microwave. Ahhhhh..
I'll stop microwaving fish when you stop pissing on the floor.
Anyone for over-nuked popcorn?
On the popcorn front:

Back in 1996 in Seattle I heard about this thing called "temp work" where you could go work in an office for a few days at a time doing random jobs. This sounded good since I was moving away in a few months. Since my previous job was working full-time at record store (pulling down a cool $165 a week after taxes) I was a bit freaked out about the possibility of working in an office. It sounded like a crazy petri dish of personalities to deal with.

About an hour into my very first temp job at an office someone made microwave popcorn. Two minutes later the front door opens and a woman loudly demands to speak to the office manager. The manager comes out and the woman starts screaming: "I AM ALLERGIC TO THE SMELL OF POPCORN, I HAVE ASKED SEVERAL TIMES FOR YOU ALL TO STOP MAKING IT", then storms out and slams the door.
No, really, complaining about microwaved fish is really culturally insensitive. There are a lot of people that eat primarily seafood, and they shouldn't have to suffer through cold lunches just because some honky asshole hates anything that doesn't smell like Burger King.
Guess what, falafel- Other cultures think that our food smells like shit too. And how do you know that OP isn't a white guy reheating leftovers from ShimpFest? And what about complaining about microwave popcorn? Is that not insensitive towards westerners? I swear, people around here these days seem to thrive on having their feelings hurt. Now if you will excuse me, the cuisine from your home country is shooting through me like a rocket.
All the browns were microwaving their brown food and it made so many bad brown smells I had to take my white nose back outside to the streetcorner, where the sweet fall scent of pissed-upon-hobo met food-rotting-between-carts and I was finally able to relax.
Anon, you Need the Jim Rome fish microwave alarm ; HELP SOMEONE IS MICROWAVING FISH! UGH UGH UGH...i THINK ITS PERCH...NOOOOOOOOO. Microwaving fish is heinous

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