Anonymous Oct 11, 2012 at 1:04 am


If you think people with signs on the overpass is the reason why there's traffic on the 26, then you're the fucking moron, stupid. Shut your ignorant pie hole as well. You sound like the idiot you most likely are.
Voting out of spite always fixes things. It always, always fixes everything. All the time. Always. It's such a good solution, is the thing! So good. Just a great solution all around. Mmm. Yep.
"Listen you stupid..." isn't ever going to make anyone listen to what you say.

"Fuck your signs and banners..." isn't a fucking argument.

And then you go on to say that your only real problem with any of it is the fact that you think they're causing traffic on the Sunset? That's idiotic. You're lucky people let you talk at all.
Hey, I have a co-worker who was unsure about Measure 80 until I showed her this post. Now, she's decided to vote "yes" just to counteract your idiocy. Voting out of spite, it works every time.
Smoke a bowl and chill out.
Why don't you move into town? That'll cut down on traffic on the 26. Or just keep driving, along with the other "morons."

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