The Rise of Apes


I've met just as many clueless leftists in Portland as I've met clueless rightwingers in the midwest. Your post embodies all the hypocrisies and ill-informed self righteousness you just railed against. Pot meet kettle.
Arenit: I wish the IA would have addressed the same old and tired tactic the Right uses: "Both sides are just as bad". Please. Let's see, just off the top of my head, Romney told about 600 documented lies in this campaign. If both sides are the same, show me 600 DOCUMENTED lies that Obama has told. Name me a Democrat who wants to bust Unions, or take away a women's right to choose. Give me some flip-flops Obama has told. Romney changes his stance depending on who he's talking to. Tell me why, the Republicans in Congress have Filibustered EVERY single bill that's been put forth? Both sides are not the same, and I wish you Right-Wing hacks would quit using that pathetic tactic. This IA must have been written about you. Ha!
To assign responsibility for the rise of right-wing propaganda to the Internet is laughable. First, your premise that the Internet is a one-sided forum is so false that it hardly needs to be addressed. What the fuck are we doing right now, for example? In fact, it's clearly as far from monologic as we've ever witnessed. Next, you seem to be stating that so-called "real world" discourse is and should be limited to face-to-face interaction while disregarding any other media, which are also capable of disseminating information on a mass scale and filtering/selecting published responses, such as television, radio, and newspapers. Although I, too, find right wing ideology to be nothing less than an embodiment of all that is deplorable, I find your thirst for simple explanations based on binary oppositions (so and so lies vs. so and so doesn't), use of a ridiculously false assertion, and worst of all, your implicit suggestion that "people" are so incapable of making rational decisions when faced with so much contradictory information that you would somehow control Internet content and access based on your personal criteria given the chance to be just as highly offensive and hypocritical.
Captain Amerigo said: " Give me some flip-flops Obama has told."

Obama promised (not just said but promised) he'd close Gitmo. Guess what's not closed? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Put the kool-aid down. Both candidates may wear different jerseys but they play for the same team. So many naive libtards in this town.
I love how the "tip of the iceberg" starts and stops at ONE example for Arenit. With a DO NOTHING Republican congress, tell me how he was supposed to fulfill this promise? But you know what, for the sake of argument, I'll give you that one. Ok... I can list NUMEROUS flip flops your man Romney has made. Give me... how about 5 Obama has made? Give me 20 DOCUMENTED lies Obama has told. Again, your man Romney as told over 600 lies, all documented. Romney raised the CHINESE flag at an auto sensor plant in IL he is CURRENTLY closing. Yeah, he's all about jobs and the middle class. You such a sad sack of Right-Wing hack. Hey, that rhymes! I'm done with you Arenit... later, gator.
Obama also flip-flopped on his definition of marriage.
"When the debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser."

I saw the title "The Rise of Apes" and thought this had something to do with the next Planet of the Apes sequel... I'm really excited to see how they're going to tie together the story with the super intelligent chimpanzees and orangutans finally taking over the USA and the...wait, what were we talking about?
my dad can beat up your dad.
And, I forgot to mention, since the subject of politicians lying is the topic. How come the American Press isn't reporting that Ambassador Stevens (who was gay) was repeatedly *raped* by the terrorists in Libya, prior to him being murdered by smothering. The WH and State Dept has only admitted he was "tortured", not gang raped by a dozen or so murdering thugs.

Don't believe it? Google "American Ambassador raped before murder". It has been reported in the foreign press, but not here. The terrorists were proud of what they did, they wanted the world to know it. That's why they didn't disappear his body.

It the facts of what actually occurred in Benghazi were widely known, the election would be over. The American public would be screaming for a military response. And, they would not accept some horseshit story about a crappy movie making this happen.

But, that wouldn't fit in to the Obama narrative that kissing the terrorists asses will make them like us.
Whatever. America looks like a bunch of fucking schizophrenics to the rest of the world anyway. Liberal for 8 years, conservative for 8 years, liberal again. And the last 8 years there's a wedge driven so far between the two that nothing is getting done. Except the poor and middle getting poorer, the rich getting richer (liberal sounding I know) and China sitting back and waiting; taking us over without firing a shot.
And here we are just yelling at each other on the interwebs. Awesome..........
To clarify: not "whatever" about Stevens. That sucks. Read that on AJE.
Obviously you eat the left wing propaganda right up. Both wings are on the same monster you fucking idiot.
Be sure to vote. :)