Yes, You Know Everything


I think you've entered phase 1 of the takedown. Your organization is trying to get rid of you and they start by sabotaging your equipment.

Keep your resume up-to-date and watch your back.
Am I missing something? How is this "smug?" This is one of the reasons that a friend of mine left the technical repair field. People were so primed to feel like they were being attacked, that it wasn't any fun to help them with their problem. I can't count the number of times he told me about people who called, panicked, because some piece of equipment was "totally broken." He'd ask a question like, "is it plugged into the wall?" and they would get all pissed off, like they'd just been called stupid. They would demand that he come and get the broken equipment, and bring a working replacement. Yet, sure enough, when he got up there, it's not plugged in. None of these people were stupid, but they felt stupid, and they blamed him for that. Eventually, he left the field because it just wasn't fun anymore.

I guarantee you, IT Guy's not asking because he thinks you're an idiot. He's asking because it saves everyone a lot of time if he can find the easy fixes quickly. Often, that means asking things like "is it plugged in?" or "are you sure that sound is coming from your computer?" Don't take it so personally.
Wow. You are fucking harsh man!
Screw that guy, just jiggle the thingywhatsit.
IA, next time could you just post a transcript instead of doing the whole "me, you, me, you" thing? Seriously annoying, it is.


You're hella dumb I,A.
@Torgo, precisely. Btw anon, I could even answer that question and I know fuck all about computers. Thanks for somehow making me feel less stupid