A Fond Farewell...


*whispers* i don't think Mitt Romney wrote this.
I did it. I fuckin' pulled it off. I can't believe they went for that "war on women" shit. buhahahahaha. Fuck. That shit was close. Thankfully I "evolved" on my view of marriage or my rabid little homies from woulda left me hangin'. And I'm HANGIN'. See me hangin' with Jay-Z? Fuck yeah. I got just enough votes to fuck shit up even more. It will be my fault but my little minions will be happy to blame Bush and Boehner and all the other rich Republithugs. Fuck them motherfuckers. I got this now. This is all about me and my legacy.

Let me be clear. Nothing will change now for four more years. I get to travel the world on the taxpayer dime and I will continue to blame others for my failings as a leader. And there ain't shit any of you can or will do about it now.

B Huss O
StJohnsBull: You're still here? Wow. Oh man, I can only imagine the PAIN you felt last night when you realized your boy Romney got WORKED by Obama. I'd love to see your tantrum... from a distance of course, I know how angry and hateful you Republicans can get. You lost BIG TIME, and I hope you can someday realize why: Because your party is full of religious EXTREMIST and corporate shills... AND they LIE.
Oh wait, I forgot, because you have some photo up on your profile, you're an independent... even though you do nothing but spew Right-Wing talking points. That's it. That's all you EVER do. Poor, poor StJohnsBull. You lost buddy, buck it up and take your licks like a man. My only wish now is that you would just disappear like Mitt Romney is going to do. Later, gator.
Too soon? hahahahaha

I can't believe you guys disliked that post. That really hurts. A little. So I have to lift by spirits by writing poems. I know you PSU liberal arts geeks will appreciate my efforts while you sit at the library, searching for work on the public computers.

If you're havin' job problems
I feel bad for you, son
I got 99 problems
helpin' you ain't one

Hit me!

God DAMN that's funny.
Captain Amerigo's come apart now
He's at his sister's playin' Mario Kart
he said, "gimme some money I just heard the bus start"
I must be losing my mind....man I'm blind!
Hit the unemployment line!
Man oh man, StJohns is really getting "jiggy," as the kids say. Raise up the roof for the Right! Unemployed people are straight-up wack, right? "LOL" Whoot, here it is!
I want people to work. If we could our national and state unemployment rates down to normal levels, we'd be doing fine.

However, both are above average. High above average. Why is that? Who is in charge? Why aren't those rates going down? Why are we re=electing people who have a poor record of job creation? Why aren't things changing?

I'm just clownin', anyway. Me and these fuckers have this antagonistic thang goin' here. It's kinda fun. Take a shot. I promise I won't tell. Just be creative. There is nothing more boring than some ass chasm going around saying "dumb guy" over and over again.

You know who you are.
^ Unintelligent person
hahahaha... I knew you guys existed.

Don't be offended. You're working. Too bad for your classmates, huh? Scams.
Be creative, you say? I thought it was sort of creative to lampoon the way you appropriate mass-produced cultural representations of the economic underclass (hamfisted "rap music" and such blather in many of your posts) in order to appear "cool" while sticking up for the party of the rich and overprivileged (rather one of two such parties) and predominantly the candidate of ignorant white folks and the rich. Not to mention all your past ranting about the menacing hordes of specifically black criminals etc. Hoo-hah, I have got StJohnsRules in check, peace out to my homies! Who let all these dogs out?
SJR, stop trying to fill that massive void you feel by pouring more and more words into it. It won't help and you just look more pathetic with every post. Regarding your manifesto--"He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious "--I think you're confused about your ability to fight.
I'm with StJohnsRule, I think that Romney was THE MAN. The only reason these libtards one was cuz the left wing media lied and was in the pocket of obama. I'm sorry but if a woman is raped, its not the childs fault, and she should not be allowed to commit murder. I'm sure StJohnsRule agrees with me. And social secruity is the playground of the socialist agenda and should be abolished, which Ryan and Romney would have done. Romneys record on creating jobs is stellar and just because he shipped jobs overseas dont mean he's a bad guy, it's about profit people! A business is in business to make a profit, deal with it. StJohnsRule and I are cut from the same thread and we'll both be waiting for the failure of this muslim president. Waiting for failure, anticipating failure and yeah, rooting for failure. To put it in words of my main man Herman Cain, when speaking about the billionaire corporatists Koch brothers: StJohnsRule is my brotha from 'nutha mother.
I'm pro-choice, dude. But I do think people should be responsible. In the case of rape, of course a woman should have the RIGHT to abort. As far as recreational sex leading to pregnancy? Fucking wrap it up or use the pill. If you really need to use abortion as a last resort, then do it. Be smart. The main problem with unwanted pregnancies is irresponsibility and lack of mentors in the lives of at risk young women and men.

Aw, hell. Let's just blindly throw money at the problem and see what happens. What? That didn't work? FUUUUUUUUUCK. Ok, what story do we use now?

Oh yeah. The right is attacking women's reproductive rights. These women need to be protected from people who expect more out of them and to be responsible with the choices they make in life. It's all the fault of the Christians. There is a WAR ON WOMEN!!!!

I'm a moderate, pro-choice independent no matter what the fuck you people try to say. I take exception to the new extreme left that doesn't do anything of value for society. All we get is gridlock and division and animosity. Fuck you all for that. Be better people and fix the fucking problems or we will all lose in the end. Get it?

Bro: Don't give away my secrets, man!
No. What you are is a fuckhead. You need to find a more suited forum for your bullshit.

Now, let's get back to the REAL I, anonymous content.....
Fuckhead, eh? That's all you got? You can't dispute my comments, though, can you?

That's all you have. Baseless attacks.

Be better people. You want me to go away for good? Fix Portland. Fix Oregon. Fix America.

Until you arrogant fuckers do that, expect criticism.
Hey Dicksmack,

I'm not here to dispute your comments(get a fucking blog already, oh wait, no one will read it).

Again, find a more suited column for your diatribe. You've picked the wrong room. Dumbass.......
Yet you read my stuff. You're not as bad ass as you might believe, friend.

I've lived in Portland all of my life and I'm not going to sit quietly while people divide up the city and country into secular, angry groups. These people said this. Let's hate 'em. These people said that! Fuck THEM!!!!!

It's all bullshit. Why don't people like you want tangible unity? It's better for the economy and socially all across the board. You want division? Then die alone and angry.

I know which way I'm gonna go, ass chasm. Seriously, quit with the stupid name calling. It makes you look like an impotent dick.
Listen up anus,

I've not read your "stuff" nor do I give a flying fuck which way your tiny nuts swing.

You are not listening to me.

Keep your long winded political rants and ravings to a more suitable environment. Hell you can have the first fucking 50 pages of the merc for all I care. Just leave the basement alone.

For fucks sake old man, we all get it. You're bald, old, lonely and pissed. Boo hoo.
Not old. Not bald. And look at the title of this I, A. I didn't write it. I just responded. The I, A was political in nature and antagonistic and arrogant. So I responded. I don't know what you're trying to prove here but you're not really changing anything. Why are YOU posting here? You are a dime-a-dozen. Cheap. Played out. I don't need your permission to post nor do I need your approval for anything.

My aim here is like I have always said. I want to set the record straight. I want to put the "unity" back in the community. I want to hold people accountable for standing in the way of true progress. More than anything, I want to give people the full story and respond to these lop-sided columns meant to antagonize and divide people.

My question to you is simple. Why do you want me to stop posting? Why do you think I'm anus? Why do you want this to be a cool kid one-sided "basement" circle jerk? I'm not like you nor do I have any ambition to be anything like you. The youth of Portland deserves to have the entire story on the issues we all face. That way they can make the best judgment possible. It's really that simple. Libbies don't have a monopoly on anything.

Because you live in Portland, you think that liberal rule means that is the only story worth telling. But what have libbies done lately? Oh, right. Division and anger. They do THAT well. I expect more from them and their leaders. I want a better Portland for business and families. Less unemployment. Less homelessness. Lower housing prices. Better schools. Less gov't waste. More gov't accountability.

I was in the right spot. What the fuck are YOU doing here?
Too lazy, more like.