You think you're "wild-looking" and "alternative"???!!

Don't worry, bro, in three more years the wild youth'll be saying "Check out the neck tat and ear plugs. 2009 is calling, old man!"
It's alarming to me that the "weird" people in this city are ones without tattoos and body modifications.

I'd even gander those without tattoos get judged more than those with tattoos. Now there's something to think about.
Im’a, im’a go with gods peed.

Dear, Hipster! (exclamation point <~ nailed it)
You probably are one! You: wtf is a bside? A, “flip side”?
I don’t want “room” in your skinny jeans. What I want is you to be an individual (I have hope for you)
How many of your ‘bro’s’ were crossing the street in front of his car?
‘you normal’?
...Your ear plugs were fucking free!!! K hipster, everyone knows that. you didn’t buy them off the internet.
Three years ago..? maybe you heard the car guy wrong, so you could look different - cause you’re no poser.

You wanna stand out? Then hold a Little Caesars sign, and rock that shit out on a street corner!

Yay tats, were invented 3 years ago.

You’re sitting, are you comfortable? (wondering… is a sext really going to get me laid?)
We hate you because you DON’T get laid.. instead; you choose to come on I,A. (which is so wrong)

The hate comes from; You’re not a cougar or a mougar (mougar has to be man cougar or all of this means nothing)
YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!!!! You've seen it, you've been written to read it, YOU know to stop! ‘Hipster’ means nothing!
It’s a fucking genre… make yourself an individual, or GET OUT! Sincerely, ALL OF US!
I'm doing it.. stupid heart, at the end of this. <3
If this isn't fake then you're the corniest motherfucker to ever live. You sound like the hipster version of this kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEzpAOxd1sU
Stop hating on me 'cuz I'm so fucking original and awesome!

Upon further inspection I have come to the conclusion that this is clearly someone role playing your standard issue trend follower or "hipster".

Well played.
I know you're not talking about me... i'm a chick! we dont do hipsters!........ we get laid!!
And by "wild youth" he means 32 year old. Ugh.
Wow, holy-midlife-crisis batman!!
A troll, but a pretty good one. Not totally obvious.

I do like the touch that ear plugs or tattoos would have been considered cutting edge three years ago. Ear plugs were cutting edge about 10 to 12 years ago. Tattoos, in the 70's.
Hilarious. Nice work.
Yeah, its fake. bside= B side tavern in case you're wondering
I was a hipster before it was cool. Now I am only a hipster because it is ironic.
You sound more like someone who wants to be a hipster than an actual hipster. The concept is just so incredibly fucking lame I can't even believe it.

God I hope that this is just really bad satire.

I feel lamer just commenting here. You don't deserve my wit.
I do notice that most people with carabiner key chains are members of some sort of a secret music society.
Look at all you hipsters getting all worked up over getting called out....
All us hipsters
Back in '67 some offensive reporter started calling the freaks, "Hippys". Those flower children were into peace, love and sharing, until low life leeches croweded in and ruined the scene with selfishness and vandalism. Nice guys finish last in the material world.
I feel like if you use the word bros in a serious manner you probably don't hang out at the BSide. Not that the BSide is cool. Its just not full of bros. So in summary: Fuck you, the places you hang out and the BSide sucks too.