To the Beaumont Middle School Girls on the 44 Bus


You're right, those guys ARE jackasses. And from the age of 16-death (depending on how immature the woman is), those kinds of guys will always get attention and sex from women because women go for jackasses.

Also, I love how your letter starts off calling the girls loud and disrespectful (even the bus driver was yelling at them), then close your letter by telling those same girls what "stellar young women" they are. Make up your mind, grandma.
Seriously, arenit got it right. This I,A is a hypocrite. I'm pretty sure those girls could take care of themselves, so stop projecting your insecurities on folks minding their own damn business.
Asshole scale:

1. Adolescents
2. Adolescents in groups
3. Adolescents in groups on public transit.
But arenit did not get it entirely right: the poster is calling the "classmates" (aka the boys who got on and then off) loud and disrespectful. She isn't saying the girls were loud and disrespectful.
Hahaha, arenit if girls only went for assholes, then you wouldn't be so bitter and alone! Oh wait, that's right, you're a "nice guy" (AKA the worst kind of asshole - extra-bitter).

Anyway, middle school children are basically all little narcissists. Yes, the boys are little shits, but the girls are too. I have worked with children of all ages, and I have no issues with ages 0-9 or 14-17. It's the 10-13 age group which is essentially inhuman. I don't know how distanced you are from your own memories of middle school, but I can promise you that the girls are doing far more damage to one another's egos than the boys could possibly hope to inflict.

The boy was probably just bitter (much like arenit) because he's short. Middle school boys haven't caught up to the girls in height, and they tend to end up with little dog syndrome as a result. Rat terriers, all of them.
^^ angry feminist alert
^^ dude that needs ass.

I don't think you'd get laid by a hooker in a brothel even if your pockets were full of cash. You'd probably just cry on her shoulder about what a nice guy you are.
^^ these look like eyebrows
Dude that needs ass? I prefer to keep feces off my penis. YMMV.
No one cares about your penis.
A 12 year old made the I,A blog list, regarding not liking girls?

Can we just go back to reading about hipsters again?
I didn't realize Middle School girls were the Mercs audience.
Arenit is one of those guys who complains about the "friend zone". Way to be a creep.
Number one way to get women to let you explore their orifices: be an interesting human being.
Yeah, I'm a bit too nihilistic to be really angry or much of a feminist. Besides, feminists won't let me into their "real women" club cause I don't have curves. Us skinny bitches are actually little boys.

On the other hand I do love pointing out what a pathetic fucking asshole arenit is. I can't even hate him cause he's too fucking pathetic.