Ah I see someone else came away pretty unimpressed with the sex issue this week.
You're confusing Letters to the Editor with I, Anonymous. Don't do this again.
You're not helping, because your I,A blows.
Way to totally squander the opportunity you had as a contributor to make this blog better. This is the worst IA I've ever read. If you want to make IA better, you could start by writing a coherent post with proper grammar and spelling. And you know it's Carrie Brownstein or you wouldn't have put "or whatever" into parentheses after.
I think the cutesy drawings of staff members heading the columns, the webpage-like graphic design, and the ditching of Arthole were all mistakes, but I still rush to grab a copy of the Mercury every Wednesday to check out the latest American Apparel ad!
This I,A smells of moist texture written proverbially indefinitely thinking of getting a response from the public to make the world a better place anointing with personal tiresomeness of the written word taken to a higher plane of thought and remembrance of the days of yore and you're not helping at all.
My vote will go to Leaky in 2016.
It is what it is, and they don't care about your opinion. Obviously you still read it or go to the website, so apparently the terrorists have won:(. WW employs far more annoying writers, Cizmar and Brown, the latter lived here like a year and a half and had such a great perspective on what "Portland " is about (sarcasm). I am surprised no one at the Mercury has elected to make fun of Alex Jones, just to use an example. Of course this would mean abandoning the practice of going after low hanging fruit and "ironic" 8th grade humor
Whatever. They've posted 3 of my I, Anonymous's in the paper before and you all probably thought they were hilarious. Suck it, weirdos.
^^Nanny nanny boo boo.^^
We have really big possums here.
They are supposed to be anonymous you jabroni!