Alberta Co-Op Lady


Yes, her name is Jeanine. When she isn't there other people present to beg in that spot. "travelers" So, we all just put up with it.

Tell her you will give her five dollars if she never asks you again and she will honor that deal.
Jeanine? What is Jeanine doing in Judy's spot?
That must work. We had a crazy drunken asshole in our neighborhood named Matthew that called me a cunt when I didn't give him money. Everyone knew he was a crazy dick but still gave him food.
Bring an airhorn shopping and blast her with it everytime she calls you a "c***". She will remember you and it will not happen more than a couple of times....
Here's what you need to know: Judy is the mayor, and you are a wanker. And if you need to, you can call her a cunt. I guarantee you that she has faced a lot worse than that. She would probably laugh.
Plot Twist: all of you ARE cunts.
Maybe if you weren't such a cunt, you'd do what she asked. Just give her a dollar and you won't be a cunt anymore.