Bicyclists on Powell


2nd. And FYI, Lincoln is a great alternative to Hawthorne or Division....
Now do one about hipsters, dog poop, and people who don't tip enough.
Pretty soon people who complain about those who complain about people on bicycles will be just as boring.
I agree with this! Up in NE there's always some douche "making a point" by riding on MLK, a street with narrow lanes, high traffic volumes and a crooked alignment. Do you fucks really enjoy squeezing between truck mirrors and curb extensions?

There are so many more comfortable options just a block or two away, and these are even designed for cyclists! It's fucking retarded when people insist on using Prescott when Going is a FUCKING BIKE BOULEVARD just one block north. We put traffic diverters in! We turned all the stop signs around to benefit you, lazy fairweather rider who doesn't stop for them anyway! Yet you ignore this.

I used to think that these people were trying to be "bike activists" or whatever, but I don't anymore-- I think they're just assholes who've somehow convinced themselves that riding in traffic is "tough" and will cement their status as a "serious" cyclist. I guess it's a great approach if you're insecure and feel like you've got something to prove.
I just wonder at the bicyclists wearing headphones.

If they are actually canceling out traffic noise that is super dangerous, and I don't understand how it's a common accepted practice.

It just seems Darwinian and stupid.
No lights is not good. But I'm curious what part of Powell you describe. It's not like there is a bike-nirvana route that parallels all of 26. Sometimes hopping on a major thoroughfare is the easiest way between point A and B.

And before you get too angry, dear motorist, consider the poison you're spewing into everyone's breathing air by driving your ass around, not to mention the rush hour congestion you help create twice a day. In the end, a careless biker deserves more thanks from the community than the average motorist.
Aren't bicycle tires made out of petroleum? Just saying.
Cyclists are entitled assholes. Even when I'm riding my bike, I hate other cyclists more than the cars.
"I believe in sharing the road but GET THE HELL OFF!"
"Using Prescott when Going is a FUCKING BIKE BOULEVARD just one block north. "

Just to clarify for you, since you're obviously bothered by it-- Yes, Going is a bike boulevard, but the paving on it from 15th all the way to 33d is atrocious and unsafe if you're going faster than 6 mph, and especially if you have skinny road bike tires.

I usually divert to Prescott for this reason, and this reason alone. Just something to think about the next time you see someone on Prescott and are about to pop a hematoma.

That said, I'm sure for every cyclist like me who has a legit reason, there are just as many clueless assholes.
Until the laws change (which they're very unlikely to do), bike riders can and will be on any street where they're allowed. We like to visit businesses (almost none of which are on neighborhood greenways). We like to not waste our time zigzagging around the city. Get used to it. Or have a stroke from your anger issues. Whatever.

Also, Powell is HUGE and in many places has 5 lanes. You can't share a little bit of all that for a cyclist?
lyle: yeah, the paving sucks in that section. In fact, the paving sucks in many places around town. That's why I don't ride an unsuitable bike with skinny little tires-- I ride an old mountain bike with 1.5" slicks.

I commute 3 out of 5 days a week by bike and I drive the other two days. I see it both ways. Save the "I race on this bike" bullshit for your weekend midlife crisis feats.

NOW, NOW: I'm fine with riding on a major street for a block or two if it gets you where you're headed and there's no better option. But otherwise, get the fuck out of the way. A few blocks of bumpy road is way less uncomfortable than a hospital visit.
Fuck it, let em be. It's survival of the hipster fittest at work, paring down the already contaminated gene pool a little bit.

If they really piss you off just fling some hot dog poop or one of your handy open containers of rancid bodily fluid on them.
Azure - fucking thank you already. Now get the hell out of the way.
Yeah, bike tires are made of petroleum, and I bet his componets are from Japan too.... but they just magically appeared somehow in this country.
Biking is the new religion of the pious.
Look thumbs downers, as a bike commuter and car driver I hate all brands of selfish assholes as much as the next human, I just figured it was a sentiment that has been beaten to death more times than an unwanted litter of puppies in Iowa.
Biking, in fact, is a sensible way to move people around in an urban setting that values livability, efficiency, and sustainability. Single-occupancy car driving, meanwhile, creates gridlock, injury, and, bonus: global warming!

If there is a Darwinian force at work, it's surely beginning to deliver retribution for the car-dominated lifestyle we've so thoughtlessly indulged in.
azure, I thought you already earned your 'Greener Than Thou' Merit Badge.