The Tail of a Lost Dog and a Self-Obsessed Jogger


Got it you trashy whore? Good.

Can we have hot make up strange now?
Astounding! Haughty! Your self-righteousness is both, but I do appreciate how you were trying to help a lost dog.
Exclamation points!!! FLY, MY PRETTIES!!!
It's cute how you cared enough to call a complete stranger a bitch for not chasing after a dog that had already run off, that wasn't even yours, and that you yourself could not be bothered to run after.

Based on the response, she probably didn't hear you. And most people stopping strangers in Portland are asking for money.
We chased after that dog, after we saw him run through traffic on Williams! On Friday? He ran under a fence and we lost him. I hope his owners found him :(
All kinds of funny. The look on your face must've been priceless!