Black Friday Tips


This totally changed my mind about, like, consumerism or something
Trying to put yourself out of a job, eh? That weed and ramen aren't going to buy themselves!
And here comes the flood of self righteous rants about the evils of Black Friday. Thank you, "overqualified" best Buy agent, for enlightening us.

PS The job market in Portland is the strongest it has been in 5 years. If you truly dislike customers, low wages and weary work that you deem yourself overqualified for, there actually are other jobs out there. Don't be lazy while pretending it's all you can find.
Amen brotha!!!! I can't imagine opening a store front the morning of Black Friday and looking out at a sea of sheeple lined up to buy a bunch of shit they don't need.

Only the assholes that "need" the newest Apple product would rail on someone for seeing this bullshit for what it really is... Consumerism at its worst!!!

Couple the typical cluelessness of shoppers with a crazed sale finding frenzy, and you get sheer madness.

Bring on another year of the Retard-Pocalypse!!!
Another inspiring rant. I will stay home for sure now.
Yeah, I've been watching South Park too.
You convinced me, I'M GOING NOW!
Black Friday?

Sounds suspiciously racist....
No no I'm still going.
But I will be in all black to pay my respects.