On an Ordinary Day in Downtown Portland


You don't support fighting anti-equality laws? So are you anti-equality, or was that guy just using code for opposing Affirmative Action?

I'm confused.
Me too; I'm guessing that the canvasser was using "anti-equality laws" similarly to the old "special rights" nomenclature.
Confused as well. You had ONE job Anon.

People get so heated while mashing on their keyboard in a fit of rage that they become an incoherent mess. Notice how like 80% of these submissions end with something like "I didn't do or say anything because [insert fickle excuse here] BUT IF I SEE YOU AGAIN I'LL BEAT YOU TO A BLOODY PULP!"

In Portland - first it's very passive, then it's very e-aggressive.
"I wanted to beat you up but you had a friend there so I scarpered."

Portlander of the Week Award.
IS this for marriage equality? If so, for once I'll take the side of the canvasser. Canvassers are typically paid and can be extreme extroverts and don't particularly care about the things you mentioned. And I don't know how to take that you wanted to assault them without knowing the specific cause. Basically, you're threatening gay bashing?