Last Laugh


Did you get a job at Target rather than Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart didn't like you stealing from the till?
Watch out, if your new bosses find out you don't own a Foosball table, you're gonna be out the door faster than last week's Mercury (well, this week's, too, as soon as I've read "Maakies").
Surely you got this gig based on your keen writing skillz.
Happy to hear things turned out well for you. Be careful not to trash ex-employer to co-harts and good luck.
Question long is the new employee orientation to teach you how to properly ask "you want fries with that?" Just curious.
Gotta love that last jab, "also one of the people on the interview panel is seen as a complete joke at their last job by a bunch of people who work for the city".

Oooh, people who work for the city! You know you're really fucked when THEY think you're a joke.
Come on, this is I,Anonymous! Dish the dirt! Name names!

It's W+K, isn't it?
My last job you had to be pretty damn quick on the screen change click. There was always some assistant to the manager's team leader's clerk lurking over your shoulder making sure you're devoting every second of the Buck Squat fifty an hour they were paying you, stealing for them and only them.
Seriously what place of employment would even ask questions that banal and fucking stupid?
Can we also just note that the accusation isn't that they asked about Foosball and favorite books in an interview, but that there was actually some sort of cover letter writing prompt consisting of "Do you own a foosball table? Yes or no. Or, like, your favorite book, whatever."

I almost wish this was a real thing. I'd write about what my staunch anti-foos lifestyle says about me as an employee and a person.