Anonymous Feb 12, 2014 at 11:00 am


Grow the fuck up.
I don't know most of the music these days, which is a reason why I prefer to buy tickets to shows I want to see.

I need a nap.
For sure, guys...pass the Depends and pleated khakis.
As much as the Coachella model blows, so does SXSW and it was sad that MFNW was still aping that dying-industry dicksuckfest after all these years.

99% of the bands playing any MFNW will already play Portland or Seattle within 12 months of this dumb event so the whole thing, as it always has been, caters to weekend warrior asshats who still get excited about seeing limp-dicked old college rock bands like Menomena or Dandy Warhols.
Come on guys, this is about the SCENE! This is a TRAVESTY! Don't let these POSEURS move our beloved festival to the waterfront, where NORMAL PEOPLE might see the bands we've lovingly admired for their OBSCURITY more so than for their talent!
Grownups make me wanna throw up.
At first glance I thought the title of this post was "Lego of Death". I am profoundly disappointed.
Weak Willy? Gosh you're creative.

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