Cologne and Perfume Users


Thats just me silently farting Colonel's Essence of Egg Cologne For Men. Sorry.
Well as long as we are calling people out on their funk it's also not alright to sit around marinating in the dead animal stench of those who think bathing is an act that involves standing under running water for 30 seconds once a week. It seems to be overly acceptable here in Portland to reek like sour ass sweat, moldy flab roll, rotten garlic breath, or fermenting foot fungus. Personally I would rather smell a little bit of most (most) colognes or perfumes than have to breath the stench of somebody who is slowly being consumed by micro-organisms because they think soap is oppressive.
Just squeeze a lemon under each arm and wrap your crotch in saran wrap and you're good to go.
JRRT - you forgot about the worst group of all - those who believe that perfume exists as a masking agent for the plethora of body smells that you already named.
Smear a little shit on your upper lip and those obnoxious odors will be history, I/A.
Nothing more amusing than someone coming in from their smoke break, reeking like an ashtray, bitching and moaning about the smell of jasmine and vetiver. Good thing cigarette smoke doesn't cause cancer! Oh..
I will never give up expensive perfume. I tear them out of magazines I get at the library. Just open the flap and spread on your skin and you smell like a rich person.Not too much fragrance, but just enough to know you smell great.

You purchase the older magazines for a quarter. I get only the expensive ones. Just a tip. Nobody complains or goes into an asthma attack or needs CPR.
MM-you are a jerk and stole my post. Stay on your own post; please don't do it again. I'm serious. OMG-you are not funny. Don't break into our apartment again using STM.
FWTBT- they have a name for people like that- European.
Patchouli never leaves the room with its wearer. And the wearer is instantly the most hated by me person of all time until the next patchouli wearer.
If it doesn't get you sky high then its not millionaire status parrfume and that's the only one I'm willing to use.
By sucking Other useless peoples account DRY
Give me a Polo perfume for men and I'll throw it in it the your face