DIY Bullying


A tedious post about tedious posts? What's the name of that serpent that swallows its own tail? Ohyouboreus?
I actually like this one. It's anonymous, but it's about something new. It's still passive, but that's because the target isn't in the conversational mood.
THANK YOU! Jesus, that guy's posts are annoying. He has a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder. What could have been a friendly interaction wIth like - minded people turned into a one sided war. I hope those filmmakers moved on when they saw how crazy he is.
Fedora much . . .
I love posts that give you enough information to track down the perp. This guy sucks at facebook. He just passed 200 "likes" after YEARS of maintaining his page by starting drama over a very polite request (which he doesn't appear to have bothered rejecting - instead he said he couldn't think about it 'cause Earth Day, then proceeded to throw a tantrum in a series of separate threads) and is proud of it.
Ummm, homeboy clearly put his stink on it first, thereby laying claim to mining rights from here to eternity. That's how being creative works, right?
Another similar instance of this was the "artist's" shitty mural in the Pearl that was partially covered with the WhiskeyFest NW sign (which the "artist" was told was going to happen well in advance). But the "artist" flipped his shit when what he was told was going to happen happened, culminating in the most dramatic fakerage incident in recent memory.

I think these overblown reactions are the symptom of a deeper problem, where "the little guy" has become convinced that any and every person, company, etc above them is an evil doer out to fuck them over, steal their ideas and profit off them. 98% of the time this isn't even true, especially in art where collaborations usually help both entities, but these knee jerk reaction "artists" are so eager to play the victim in hope it draws web traffic, attention, and ultimately money that these reactions are becoming more and more common.

In short, it's nothing more than free advertising.
FIY Bullying... It's all the rage on I,A. Fuck with me, it's a must that I fuck someone you know (for no good reason).
assisse, I am reminded of the old line about academia. The fights are so vicious precisely because the stakes are so low.
Fuck DIY, I want Made in China!
Man, I hope they catch these fuckers!
Really, no one has told him yet?