Get Off of OUR patio, Llewyn Davis!


Here's a tip I,A.: go tell them that it's a wake for a dear friend who recently passed. Point at all the customers and say your friend/bro/sis just passed away and the songs he is playing are too strong for this crowd. Works like a charm and you might get a well deserved hug.

Then the bar can crank up spoon and you can resume being a douchey.
I'Anon, a few months back, a teacher was complaining about another teacher singing to little kids during a lunch break.

I have been a captive audience of the same thing, and my situation was a relative that for too many years would pull out his guitar and yes, harmonica.

Enough is enough;take Buddy's advice ,or tell him he does not sound good, and maybe take some singing lessons. While he is at it, get guitar lessons.That is what I told my relative.
Not really. I wish I was that brave.
Animal House
Now that I have passed my 'folk' phase, and got that shit outta my system -- I cringe every time some guy wants to bust out his acoustic guitar and try to do something 'meaningful'.
They are in a different part of their life, right?
I try to endure it with as much grace and dignity I can muster, what else?
I love Jack Johnson and his Hawaiian vibes.