Bro why you gotta harsh the mellow?
I'Anon, don't despair. Your ship will come in. It is darkest before the dawn.
Nice to see you again, Supply. Would love to introduce you to my other friend, Demand.

Perhaps you know each other?
I/A you sound like the republicans arguing about not raising the minimum wage. (The market will collapse if you cut your profits.) Just keep offering a much superior product for not too much more and don't forget to strategically bum wrap the B grade. I would keep wanting the Primo and so would many more.
Hippy Anti-Trust attempt.
When it's legal you'll get nothing.
Money? Hold on a second I thought marijuana was all about peace, love and feeling groovy, digging on a sweet lil' mama twirling to the dulcet tones of Jerry Garcia's poltergeist
Dummy. Find a friend in Chicago and mail him a pound or two at a time. You should be getting $4000 to $5000 a pound then. Of course, you might also get a visit from your friendly (federal) postal inspector.

Or just wait until it's completely legal and RJ Reynolds and Phillip Morris might pay you as much as $50 a pound wholesale. What's that, you don't meet their quality control standards and 2,000 pound per year minimum? Wow, another unintended consequence. Their copyright infringement attorneys will probably be less understanding (and less restrained) than the law enforcement types you have been trying to avoid.
Just hang in there. Cannabis is cheapest in OR due to a peculiar combo of lax rules and regulations and no quality control or designated retail outlets. It's not Portland indoor growers flooding the market with cheap B grade, it's southern OR and NorCal outdoor growers dumping their dregs up here because shops in CA don't want an inferior product. Once it's legal and taxed the price will go up and quality control (not to mention a more discerning casual customer base) will weed out (pun intended) the inferior product. That or Monsanto's gonna come in and try to fuck EVERYONE over.
Here is a link to a shop in CO, where it is legal for recreational purchases. Prices go from $40-$55 an 8th, retail, before tax. I'm willing to hazard a guess that shitty weed is worth $0. Sure your gonna have to get in the game and deal with the necessary licensing as you would with most legit business but that's the price everyone has to pay for a regulated market. So in the words of T.S. Elliot, "You better start swimming or sink like a stone." I think he said that. Or maybe I'm just high.!cannabis-at-kin…
It is the free market, you can't bitch and whine your way around it, if you have a better product, you can charge more than market. What will be interesting is to see what happens when it's "legal" on the other side of the river. Cheaper weed is a good thing though, then I don't have to grow it, just like I don't have to brew beer.
At least the legal shit is taxed so high it won't put all the moonshiners and bootleggers out of business, but the new tax revenues will produce more revenuers. Everybody ought to just grow their own.
Buyer's market, woo!
Can some of these folks start growing mushrooms please, it would be great if they were as cheap and plentiful as all this weed.
Weed?!?!?!? You here for some weed?!?!??!

You ever sucked someone's dick for crack?!??!?!
Actually, I kinda wish I could find me some B-grade, or hell even C-grade pot in Portland. All this super potent stuff makes me anxious and practically hyperventilate. I mean, come on, who really needs to get SUPER high every time you smoke? Can't I just get a *little* high? Ugh.

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