Tipping Overdose


the Square tip screen, while new to you, isn't really a new level. It's been annoying people since at least 2012.

The new level of tip shaming is actually the checkbox to the right of 25% that says Honor System.
If you can't find your lost-ass way to tip a freaking dollar for some service you will rot in hell!! That is all.
who tips for counter service, that is just stupid, especially in a state with an above average minimum wage. I suppose that person probably thinks you should tip at mcdonalds too. Ridiculous.
I'll give you a pass for not tipping, but if you'd asked for cream cheese YOUR ASS WOULDA BEEN ON THE HOOK MOTHAFUCKAAAAAH!!!
Couldn't agree more - I was assuming the tip was built into the wack ass prices at these places. I'm not trying to part with a ten dollar bill for an ice cream cone, thanks
Awww, Guidoman doesn't really understand the difference between retail and service industries.

Poor guy probably tips the cahiers at Safeway too.
I bought some stuff at a bike shop in St Johns the other day. Walked in, grabbed what I wanted off the wall and went to pay for it. They had the ubiquitous iPad/Square setup and that tip screen came up as well. Exactly what am I tipping for again? They didn't do shit other than hand me an iPad to sign.

This shit is getting ridiculous.
I just don't understand why Anon and others feel shamed by this. Presenting the opportunity to provide a tip is not shaming, it's what's included in the technology.

Pay cash? Don't have to look at an iPad at all. Then you can toss them your change, pocket your change, set down an extra dollar because the service was stellar, whatever you feel like. That's how tipping works.

Didn't like the attitude? Don't go back. Love the attitude? Tip extra.

Disastronaut - weirdly that makes more sense to me than the bagel situation. Most bike shops offer services too, and some bike mechanics will really hook it up if you're nice to them. I've been known to tip a bike mechanic who goes above and beyond, because my bike is more important to me/more labor intensive than handing me a bagel.

The problem is not with having the option to tip for an unadulterated bagel. The problem is the server having a shitty attitude and expecting to be paid out for handing somebody a chunk of bread.
Tipping a bike shop guy is dumb. They charge you for their services just fine - you don't tip a guy fixing your car either...

I'm waiting for the tip jar at 7-11 next.
Or, better yet, at the Lawyers office.
I write "CASH" on the tip line and then leave without putting anything in the jar. So far, not a single cashier has noticed. They all assume one of the other bills in the tip jar is mine. I keep my money, cashier thinks I'm generous, everybody wins. And by "everybody" I mean me.
Portland considers herself a foodie - so snobbery taints everyone in the bizz. I've been bartending for years (in OR, NV and CA), and Portland's food/bev industry people have a sense of entitlement that baffles me.
When I bartend a private gig, at the end of the night, without hesitation, another barkeep will bitch about the shit tips they made and try to feed me a sob story of their repeat customer all night,\ who only gave them a few dollars.
Get a fucking reality check. We're bartenders. We serve booze. We don't create miracles.
frankieb - maybe they charge YOU for all of the services rendered... apparently I have a way with bike mechanics? That and drunk homeless men. They love me.
If you're not making my life easier you're not getting shit from me. Waitstaff and people who deliver my food get tips unless they fucked up. Bartenders get tips if I'm getting mixed drinks or they are really good at their job. Beyond that why should you feel entitled to a tip? Because you know how to spell out the word on a cup? Tip cups are no different to me than someone asking for money on the street and I acknowledged them equally. If I can do a similar or better job then what's worth the tip?