I have a lot more sympathy for people who are fucked up and don't actively go out of their way to fuck other people up (through abuse/cheating/betrayal/manipulation, etc). They're out there... they just tend to not make as much noise as the people who actively grab people and hold them as shields from the grenade blast of life.

We all got humps to get over, and at the end of the day it's up to only you to get over it.
What are you going to do about it?
If you're like me and the 12 steps don't appeal to you, I recommend Smart Recovery. Their approach is founded on cognitive behavioral therapy. I'm also battling my own demons with alcohol and personal issues, and I know how hard it is to stay sober in this town. I've found that trying to do it alone is not possible for me. Good luck.
I had to quit at an early age because when I drank, I was a disaster. I know how you feel sort of. I did not think I could go a day without drinking.

Lots of baggage from my family didn't help my sobriety, but it is all up to you. I look back, and am so glad that in seven years of drinking, I stopped when I did.

Never went to the hospital, but got through with a recovery program. There are several that can help. Time to do it.