I, Anon


It's a soap opera where your post is a re-run episode.
As the pages of the Mercury turn, so do the Anons of our lies.

Can't get more "in person" on a forum like this than using your own name and an up-to-date photo, can you?

(Epic eye roll)
I'm only here because my therapist thought it would be a healthier outlet for me than compulsively eating my own skin tags and aggressively chasing down people in grocery stores.
Awww, did somebody's incoherent rant get misinterpreted?
Fuck off nobody wants to party with you.

(How's that for passive aggressive?)
every, every
day, day
anons, rant
commenters, play
take a deep, breath
if you can, can
and go suck a durian
or a duran duran
If you post a rant on here, it's going to be brutally tortured in the comments section. Accept it, embrace it, enjoy it. If you can't laugh at all the horrible shit people say on here, you're missing the point (or what's evolved into the point) of this blog.
Is there a reason why every sentence in this I,A has to be on it's own line? Kinda like the ten commandments or something?
I'm going to I, Anon's party and I'm bringing:

High waisted shorts
Super awesome comments
Butt mud pudding
And Todd Mecklem.

YOUR turn...
The reason why I have so much time to post shit here, is BECAUSE in fact I DO stand up to abusive agency power yielding shit heads, who retaliate by having made me, Persona Non Grata. What I've learned from this, however, is that the pen really is mightier than the sword.

Now if only the Merc would realize the truth, and start doing more real journalism.
^ Get back into your hole, you.
^ Comment of the month!
When someone bitches about some bullshit, regardless of location or forum, someone must tell them they are wrong. Crying because you are told you're in the wrong is just plain pathetic. Grow, learn, and improve but stop being stupid, rude, arrogant, entitled, and self-servicing in your rants. If anyone who made these anonymous posts had the balls to say it publicly in the first place then maybe someone would get the chance. They are hiding from retribution for their actions, and you call those making the comments cowards.

At least the comments attempt to be constructive at times. While your post is nothing but a whiny bitch that serves nobody but yourself. You wasted everyone's time. You are the worst, and you have nothing to say that matters. Invest that energy into something more productive like not being a whiny bitch, you might just become a happier person.
Hey, David A. Pope, if you want to be a real bad ass use a picture of yourself without sunglasses. Unless you're actually Riddick.
I cant take this.... I gatta mow a lawn.... now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!