Kids These Days


That's not a subject taught in any school. What if they taught you capitalization? OMG, what? Honey Boo Boo is back from commercial break?
Just be glad he didn't have to Google how to make a bowl of cereal.
There is a proper way. Extension cords are just the beginning. What are parents teaching their kids these days?
I hope he's in high school. No, really what some teachers think is that they can get three months off, holidays off and probably little Justin will go to the next grade because his parents bribe the teachers. Pretty good gig.

They bitch if they have to get a second job, and I have never heard any of this to be true. I bet it is.
There are many wonderful ways to tackle the coiling of an electrical cord. Daisy chain? Only for the more robust industrial cord types. The weaker ones will stress under the hard bends. Sure there is the loop over arm, but over 50 feet and your just asking for trouble. I have a maneuver. It took 12 years on construction sites to perfect. Both arms extend, an arms width of cord folded over, stop. Leave enough to plug it into itself and loop around the beautiful bow. It hangs on a hook like and angel lightly touching the smoothness of a well finished wood piece. Your son is seeking perfection in a world you cannot grasp.
You are the problem, DAD. you expect teachers to teach him something he should learn from his parents. Even your kid knows you are useless, he went to the internet instead of asking you.
Sounds like an off number of chromosomes to me. Just sayin'.
It sounds like they're teaching him that Google is an excellent way to learn how to do things you don't already know and your dad was too lazy to teach you.
Google is both a clock and a calendar. It's your school, your home, your church, your friend...and your lover. lover's song is too short.