Anonymous Apr 24, 2015 at 4:25 pm


I agreed with you until you badmouthed Ewoks...
Wow. Traffic must be really bad today.
and yoga pants, Deezus.
Wise man say, the only thing that is constant is change. Get over it.
Yeah my street had a whole bunch of Anthony Bourdain wannabes recently move in. One guy said he's a sioux chef. He don't look 1/16 native american to me though.
Tourists with day jobs.
People, right?
Time to move on to a non-popular town / city. Maybe South Dakota, or how about Detroit....that would be great for you to see what happens when a city does the opposite of portland and dies off instead of grows. It would also show you what happens to an inner core of a city when there aren't homeowners who can afford to invest in the upgrade of our country's 100 year old neighborhoods. I.e. Without this gentrification you speak so badly of, much of the infrastructure in our close in neighborhoods would slowly go to shit. What then?

Finally, the content of your bitchings just shows that you are getting old and are reaching that "kids these days" stage. We all do it. But don't act like you are some sort or better or more authentic badass than any of these kids because you were probably one of them at some point.
Well I don't know I.. Kinda agree.. !A ..everyone should just move over there.. Just a bit.. No just alittle further..yea.. Ok..
Fuckin' Ewok ate my cat.
Kinda sad to see Portland sell out in the short time I've been here (7 years). I thought it would take longer. I don't comprehend who can afford the rent prices of the newer places with the lack of decent paying jobs. The few people I know who have great paying jobs live rather humbly and save their money. There can't be that many trust fund kids or college kids with loans can there? I imagine this is what happened to Seattle about 25 years ago.
I'm just biding my time until I can find investors for my new free-range organic locally sourced titty bar:

Nude Seasons- The Friendliest Whores in Town

the t-shirts alone are going to make me rich.
Hey Anonymous stop whinning. Portland's past is even more racist and bigoted than it is now. A history of segregation and gentrification. It would probably be even worse off, more small minded and pathetically provincial without outsiders. Every big city gets a lot of transplants, and looking at Portland's past, this city is better off because its transplants. If Portland aucks so much then get the fuck out.
Seriously, South Dakota is on my short list. It avoided the economic boom, so it will avoid the big bust, plus, they still farm. Wouldn't it be hysterical to see how a mass exodus of Portland posers all decked out in their silly costumes, and self absorbed attitudes, actually would be received in such a place so real?

Steady On

It's like ten miles of a two-lane
On a South Dakota wheat plain
In the middle of a hard rain
A slow boat or a fast train
I am gonna keep my head on straight
I'm gonna keep my head on straight

Steady on
South Dakota isn't a bad place. It is a slower pace and more sparcely populated, which is why I suggested why IA might like to check it out. New Mexico is my go-to for getting away from it all, and would be my first choice should I want to bail on big city life.
Then do you mean to say the Detroit's not so bad?
portland will die off, because they all do, and if you think it's great, thats your call... but it is a shitty spot to live.
This could have been written anytime in the past thirty years, the same thing has been said over and over and over and over. I just wish the ignorant Yoko Ono bashing would have stopped by now.
"Stained pants" threw me off. As a way to identify some ridiculous person(s) who uses and lives amongst "tribe(s)" as a way to communicate....
Jeez louise. You can do much better!
Yoko was the most talented Beatle.
Greg Sage moved out of here in the 90's because he saw this shit coming. It's really been happening since 2004. It's sad but pdx has been dead to me since about then. Time to just move on. This is happening in many cities. The problem has more to do with economic disparity than Portland itself. It speaks more to the sickness of the caste system forming via oligarchy in our fucked up country. If you want to get mad, don't waste your energy on the spoiled fuckwads who have ruined your cool spots. Look to the source.
Lol at "Portland is less racist now" comments. Pretty easy to be less racist when you never have to interact a brown person because you sent 90% of them packing to the next town over.
Detroit isn't necessarily bad, and (as I referenced in my post) it is an example of what can happen when a city's population is drastically reduced as a result of its unpopularity and economic situation. Especially in older parts of the city where its aging buildings and older neighborhoods require investment to maintain, either in the form of re-development or owners with pockets deep enough to repair and keep them up. It is certainly less populated and would give IA that less crowded feel he/she is looking for, and there aren't many bros or hipsters in inner Detroit.
Detroit is the new hot bed of beard strokers and weirdos with ideas. Jump on board and get on yer stupid bicycle and scoop up that "DIY" house you can make your own. Trust me, its not as bad as they make it out to be. Besides, you all embrace racial harmony. So do the natives.
Good morning from a bitter Portland Native who probably had to wait in a long line somewhere for their coffee this morning. #PortlandProblems
how many who complain get involved with making or influencing the choices that prevent the things they hate?
If its so bad...leave. Go find your happy little utopia of "real" people who embrace whatever non-sell-out lifestyle you think you live.
The author didn't mention comedy :(
I've worked for the City of Portland for 22 years. Which is why I bought a home in Rainier.
Meh, it's all getting too big and too expensive, time to flee to distant suburbs.

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