Put Your Phone Away, Old Man


What you don't understand is that this pretentious obnoxious old man owns his own home, and that makes him unequivocally better than everyone else.
I now welcome the apocalypse if this post is true.
Oh it is true, we were there too. He was sitting in the upper balcony filming. At first we thought the first guy confronting him knew him but then it became apparent he was telling him off big time. The schnitz needs more ushers enforcing the rules!
So is incredulant a new form of confused android? An incredulous replicant? Where's Harrison Ford when you really need him to put some fucker down?
The Oregon Symphony is currently accepting applications for in-house snipers to discreetly eliminate flagrant cell phone users. Ammo will be provided but must have own rifle with silencer. Previous experience desired but on-the-job training can be provided. Must be willing to work odd hours and shoot assholes in the face.
Could be worse, the old man may've needed to put something far worse away during the show.
It's not clear if he was talking, texting, surfing porn, or filming. Can we get a fact check?
Well, the Symphony is now one less thing I'm going to spend money on. This is a sad indication of where arts appreciation is/has headed. Complaining about people who bring small children seems so quaint now.
Cut the guy some slack! He's probably just a low-income resident enjoying the benefit's of RACC's Arts For All program. Can you blame him for not having experienced the same cultural and intellectual opportunities that your race and class granted at birth? Check your privileges, symphonic shitlords.
Money doesn't equal class, and vice versa. Donald Trump.
@chunty, he was a 60 something white guy, but yeah the arts tax paying for people to go to the symphony is bs. I don't even agree with a separate rider for arts in schools but if you want to go to the symphony buy tickets, I totally oppose the subsidy half of the arts tax.
Put that infernal contraption down or I shall whip thee to a fare-thee-well.
The Arts for All program (and it's not even really a "program)" is not funded by taxes. It's just a catchy name for the voluntary agreement among many local arts organizations to let people on public assistance buy $5 tickets when there are unsold seats available.
If this guy were Black, would you feel so emboldened to make a physical description?
Yeah, I thought not.