Got a black magic apartment complex real estate property woman,
Got a black magic apartment complex real estate property woman.

I got a black magic apartment complex real estate property woman,
Got me so mad I can't see,
That she's a black magic apartment complex real estate property woman,
She's tryin' to make a ticked off apartment real estate property tenant out of me.
Whoa, Todd! I was just going to make a request. Scary!! I was thinking something smoky,like, "Apartment Complex Real Estate Property Woman Blues". But you're the GOD DAMNED TALENT, BOY! Make us anything you like!
If they stall you again, go into the office with a friend filming you. Both of you dress in big cowboy hats, boots, shiny belt buckles, the whole works. You start spouting constitutional amendments and your rights being trampled on. Say you're going to occupy the area near the coffee urn (and bathroom) until the county sheriff comes and Franky Graham texts you a (pick a Bible verse). See how that washes out. I've got a friend that can print "neighbors unite" flyers we could pass out for you. We'll rattle some cages Big Time.
My bathtub could just be running constantly and flooding my apartment and I'd still hesitate to report it out of fear that any change to my unit would result in my rent going up $200.
HAHA, Aestro. Thanks for the laugh. That reminded me of Harry Tuttle, in Brazil.…
I think you addressed this to the wrong place...unless IA is your "property woman"?
Know your rights as a tenant. Mail a request for fix. Wait 30 days. Mail another with a 30 day notice. (Do this so the judge doesn't think your the Dick by not giving the agent enough time) If the equipment (for example, dishwasher worked before you moved in) is not fixed by then, send another letter saying "you'll have to take legal action." I bet it's fixed then. If not, you can claim some of your rent back during these months. It's a process but I've done it before, not here in PDX, but I'm sure there are renters unions that will support the claim. Research and be patient. Landlords have renters by the balls but not the throat. You just have to play the legal game...... Is this what the post was about, I'm confused
You kind of have the hots for her, don't you?
I dunno, you seem to come across as a whiner..
It is my experience with my wife and two children, not to let them be afraid. I tell them the policemen are good and the neighbors are bad. Arrest all the time, then no follow up in the news. I will be having that talk with my in laws about moving in with them. I do like your rant I/A.
I just wish I could support my family better. I will fix what is broken in this dwelling because I know the hassle.
I/ANONIE, maybe it is a good idea to look for an attorney anyway. After so long, you know they are starting to run your apartment into the ground. I am in an apartment that I love. I am sorry you are in that situation. My rent went up almost $200 a/mo. I am starting to get ready.
^Veryvaped., Living with family is the worst, unless your homeless of course. You need to read a self motivator book and quit downing yourself. Your kids however, will want to be around a safer environment. Move Out. Pay your in laws for their time and efforts.
But for five years, she was so nice... Lord she was lovey-dovey.

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